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How Traveling Can Save Your Marriage, Make You Money, And Transform Your Life: With Dave And Deb, Forbes Top 10 Travel Influencers

CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL SHOW: Do you love to travel? Although it may be more difficult these days due to the virus, there is hope that the world.. Read more

How To Love Beyond Differences, Mental Illness, And Death, With Special Guest, Martin Sawa, Mind Success Author.

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How To Resist Evil And Triumph Over Tragedy: With Award-winning Novelist, Pablo Zaragoza, Author Of “the Reluctant Nazi”

In a world of evil and strife, there is a silver lining.  We can find good and love in the world if we look for it and develop it within.. Read more

Become A Master Couple And Create The Love Of Your Life, With Kyle Benson, Intimate Relationship Coach And Former Researcher For The World Renowned Gottman Marriage Institute

It’s Spring and love is in the air. Would you like to improve your relationship and keep your love strong and fulfilling? Now you can with some of the valuable.. Read more

Everything You’ve Always Wanted To Know About Dating, Sex, And Romance: What Your Mama Didn’t Tell You And Your Papa Didn’t Know. With Marni Battista, Dating Expert Extraordinaire.

CLICK  HERE TO HERE THE FULL SHOW CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION:  By Dr. Alex Avila There is a lot of misinformation out there about dating, romance, and love... Read more

Can Robots Win The Nobel Prize, Be A Perfect Spouse, And Rule The World? Secrets From The Future With Dr. Donald Hoffman, Internationally Recognized Cognitive Scientist

 CLICK  HERE TO HERE THE FULL SHOW CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION CLICK HERE FOR YOUTUBE In our fascinating discussion with Dr. Donald Hoffman, renowned cognitive scientist, we learned.. Read more

How To Get A Black Belt Inthe Bedroom And Be A Luscious Lover: Secrets Of Love, Sex, And Romance With Special Guest, Jacqueline Hellyer, International Sex And Love Advice Queen

Would you like to be the best lover you can possibly be? Now you can become an ideal lover in every sense of the word: romantically, sexually, and lovingly. You.. Read more

Dr. Avila’s Live Valentine’s Event: Find Your Soul Mate: Asking The 4 Magic Questions

 Would you like to find your compatible soul mate? Now you can by asking 4 simple everyday questions.  Recently, during our Valentine’s zoom event, I shared the power of.. Read more

Why Time And Space Are Not Real, You Can Fall In Love With A Robot, And God Is A Mathematical Formula: Amazing Lessons From Dr. Donald Hoffman, World-renowned Cognitive Scientist And Revolutionary Mind Thinker

Did you know that what you see is not real?  Most of us think that our senses tell us the truth.  You see the moon and think that the moon.. Read more

Are You Addicted To Your Phone? How To Master Technology Instead Of Being A Slave To It

Are you addicted to your phone? 2/3 of phone users have “Nomophobia” –the fear of being without their phone or phone service. In some ways, excessive phone use is like.. Read more