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How to be a great leader in an uncertain world: with natasha todorovic-cowan, acclaimed business consultant and owner of the revolutionary “spiral dynamics” system for leadership and success

Many people believe that leaders are born, not made.  Yet, the truth is that most people become leaders because they are chosen by the people who see them as leaders... Read more

If the world ended today would your life be a miracle? Lessons of hope, riches, and love with alan cohen, bestselling spiritual teacher and contributor to #1 ny times chicken soup for the soul series

Who is your daily companion?  Fear or Love?  This is the fundamental question you need to answer on a daily basis. For many people, fear, worry, and stress are their.. Read more

Are You Angry and Frustrated? How to Recapture Your Peace, Calmness, and Love in Turbulent Times

By Dr. Alex Avila In our frenzied and turbulent world, many of us are becoming more frustrated and angrier by the day. How do you recapture your peace, calmness, and.. Read more

Are you addicted to your phone? How to enjoy the benefits of technology without becoming a robot.

By Dr. Alex Avila Can you live without your phone? Today, an increasing number of people say they can’t. 81% of people have their phone on all the time, 44%.. Read more

How to Ruthlessly Promote the Causes of Love, Joy, and Success: with Special Guest, Bernadette Giacomazzo, Publicist for 50 cent/G-Unit Label, Acclaimed Author, and Digital Gangster

By Dr. Alex Avila If you had a gigantic magic wand that could give you anything you wanted, what would you suddenly change in your life and the world?  Perhaps, you.. Read more

Break free from the darkness that possesses you: with special guest, Pablo Zaragoza, author and medical doctor for serial killer, Aileen Wuornos, the real “monster” from the film with Charlize Theron

Imagine being next to the most notorious female serial killer in history and having compassion for her. That is exactly how Dr. Pablo Zaragoza, chief medical doctor in the Florida.. Read more

Facebook dating: the ultimate new way to find love in coronavirus times, with special guest, Dr. Paulette Sherman, award-winning dating psychologist

BY Dr. Alex Avila Are you single and feel stuck at home—unable to find your soul mate or a quality dating partner? Now, there is a new way to date.. Read more

Is your husband or wife driving you crazy during coronavirus? Learn the secrets of happy love from oprah favorites, Dr. Harville Hendrix & Dr. Helen Hunt, America’s top marriage psychologists

Is your husband or wife driving you crazy during these difficult stay-at-home times? Now, there’s a way to create a happy love partnership with the breakthrough Imago technology of Drs... Read more

How to date and find love during coronavirus times: with special guest Cheryl Besner, dating coach extraordinaire

Are you stuck in the house and yearning to find companionship, love, and intimacy? In our recent Love University visit with expert dating coach, Cheryl Besner, we learned some great.. Read more

Special guest interview: create success from stress: how to master overwhelm in a chaotic world with Amanda J. Scott, stress expert

In these stressful and challenging times, wouldn’t it be nice to just relax and be at peace? Now, you can do that, based on advice provided by our guest on.. Read more