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How therapy can change your life: joy and contentment can be yours

BY DR. ALEX AVILA For the average person, the idea of going to a therapist for psychological help can be intimidating: “I’m not crazy; I’m not talking to a shrink.”  Yet,.. Read more

Secrets of lasting passion and love, with special guest, dr. paulette sherman: love psychologist extraordinaire

By Dr. Alex Avila On Love University, we had the pleasure of talking to our good friend, Dr. Paulette Sherman, Love Psychologist Extraordinaire. In these times of uncertainty and turmoil,.. Read more

Codependent or caring? how to avoid a relationship catastrophe

Have you ever found yourself in a codependent relationship—in which you sacrifice yourself for someone who is emotionally immature, addicted, or underachieving?  Codependency goes beyond just caring for someone; it can.. Read more

Live from miami book fair: candyfreak and other amazingly weird and life-transforming stories from steve almond: ny times bestselling author and mind shift thinker

We had the pleasure of having a brilliant mind, Steve Almond, on Love University. Steve is the bestselling author of Candyfreak, and former cohost of the multi-million listener advice podcast, “Dear.. Read more

Special guest from miami book festival: andrea bartz, acclaimed journalist: the hipster movement in today’s society: lessons of equality, love, and creativity

 We were pleased to air our Love University show with Andrea Bartz, acclaimed magazine editor, author (The Lost Night and The Herd, March 2020) and expert on “Hipster” culture. Here are some.. Read more

Special guest from miami book fair: bob eckstein: ny times beselling cartoonist and humorist: how to fall in love with a snowman and marry your enemy (and other funny tales)

This week, we posted a great interview with a special friend of Love University, Bob Eckstein, America’s beloved cartoonist, humorist, and New York Times bestselling author.  Through his funny tales and.. Read more

Live from miami book fair: special guest, nelson diaz, first latino judge in pennysvania and presidential appointee: from illiterate to invincible

We had the grand pleasure of having an esteemed guest on Love University, Nelson Diaz, former Judge, Presidential Appointee, and acclaimed author (Not from Here, Not from There).  Nelson, known as the “Compassionate Judge,”.. Read more

Show of the year: the new gender revolution with dr. john gray: multi-million bestselling author of “men are from mars, women are from venus” and “beyond mars and venus

 On Love University, we had the great pleasure of having an amazing interview with Dr. John Gray, one of the most influential self-help/relationship authors in the last century. In.. Read more

Special guest from miami book fair: susannah charleson, ny times bestseller author and possibility dog expert: how a dog can save your life

Is your dog a possibility dog—a marvelous creature that can help humanity? If so, it can be not only be an amazing companion but can also help save lives—both emotionally.. Read more

Special guest from miami book fair: macarena luz bianchi, virtual fairy godmother: secrets of glorious living: unleash your power within

 Would you like to live gloriously and achieve your heart’s desires? Now, you can, with the help of our special guest on Love University: Macarena Luz Bianchi, esteemed author,.. Read more