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Show of the decade: conversations with God in challenging times: “you are loved,” with Neale Donald Walsch, NY times bestselling modern spiritual messenger

We just did the show of the decade with Neale Donald Walsch, modern day spiritual messenger, and NY Times bestselling  author of Conversations with God, over two-and-a-half years on the.. Read more

Unleash Your Invincible Mind and Live Victoriously: The Invincible You Series with Dr. Avila

Would you like to live victoriously and achieve your goals and dreams despite the circumstances? Now you can.  In today’s uncertain and anxiety ridden-world, you learn to live with the.. Read more

Love can be a dream: secrets of lasting love and dream interpretation, with special guest host Kelly Sullivan Walden, the Dear Abby of dreams

On Love University, I had the pleasure of being interviewed by a special guest host, Kelly Sullivan Walden, the Dream Doctor. She interviewed me about dreams, love, and the meaning.. Read more

How to have the best sex and love ever: with special guest Ann Gadd, the love enneagram expert

Would you like to have great sex and romance?  Now you can by fully understanding your partner with the power of Enneagram personality analysis.  We just had a wonderful guest.. Read more

Psychological utopia: how to live with peace, love, and power in difficult and catastrophic times

Has the world got you down—making you feel anxious, sad, and worried?   Now, there is hope and promise in a new way to live. It is called Psychological Utopia—a mental.. Read more

Love of family, country, and your higher power: the things that make life worth living: with special guest J. Thomas Rompel, award-winning military thriller author, “Citizen Warrior”

 By Dr. Alex Avila In times of trouble and turmoil we often turn to the things that brings us comfort and guidance: Our higher power, family, loved ones, and.. Read more

What would you do if the world came to an end? lessons of hope, love, and courage from Mia Kingsely, award-winning post-apocalytpic author: “Survivors of the Sun”

By Dr. Alex Avila With recent events and the current pandemic gripping the world, many people are in shock, panic, and sadness. Yet, there is reason for hope and positive.. Read more

How I overcame major depression to live with passion, purpose, and power: with special guest, Jennifer Ayers-Belinkis, author of “Me”

Do you ever feel sad, depressed, or down-in-the dumps? It’s a common feeling for many people at certain times in their lives.  Now, there is hope in the form of.. Read more

How therapy can change your life: joy and contentment can be yours

By Dr. Alex Avila For the average person, the idea of going to a therapist for psychological help can be intimidating: “I’m not crazy; I’m not talking to a shrink.”  Yet,.. Read more

Secrets of lasting passion and love, with special guest, Dr. Paulette Sherman: love psychologist extraordinaire

By Dr. Alex Avila On Love University, we had the pleasure of talking to our good friend, Dr. Paulette Sherman, Love Psychologist Extraordinaire. In these times of uncertainty and turmoil,.. Read more