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Are You Addicted to Love? Take The Love High Quiz

Are you addicted to love?  For some people, being in love is like a drug—a high they constantly yearn for. Like a drug, being in love can elevate you to.. Read more

Altruism: How Helping Behavior Can Transform Your Life

Did you know that helping others without expectation, also known as Altruism, can boost your happiness and success? Research shows that when you help others—smile, hold open a door, volunteer,.. Read more

Learn The 3 Secrets Of Happiness: Forever Joy Can Be Yours Today, Right Now.

You can be happy, despite the circumstances.  No matter how much you have suffered in the past, you can learn now to be happy as a consistent habit. All you have to.. Read more

Make Your Life A Magical Miracle: Secret Keys To A Happy Life, With Special Guest Wendell Miracle, Happiness Influencer

In our world of turmoil and strife, we need more positivity; more miracles, more loving energy—to lighten our minds and lift our spirits. Recently, Wendell Miracle, happiness influencer and author,.. Read more

Can Marijuana Elevate Your Life? With Special Guest, Marijayne, Cannabis Advocate And Educator

In times of turmoil and pain, people turn to different things: family, work, faith, friends, and recreation.  Some are turning to a plant known as cannabis, or marijuana, to ease.. Read more

Would You Marry Your Soul Mate If They Were About to Die? Special Guest Ashley Jackson, Creator of Timeless Dream Events for Terminally Ill People

By Alex Avila Imagine if your soul mate had terminal cancer and were about to die soon—would you marry them? That is exactly what our amazing guest on Love University,.. Read more

The Power Of Friends: How Good Friends Can Save Your Life

By Dr. Alex Avila Friends can save your life.  Aristotle, the great philosopher once said: “In poverty and other misfortunes in life, true friends are a sure refuge.” When you’re.. Read more

How to be a great leader in an uncertain world: with natasha todorovic-cowan, acclaimed business consultant and owner of the revolutionary “spiral dynamics” system for leadership and success

Many people believe that leaders are born, not made.  Yet, the truth is that most people become leaders because they are chosen by the people who see them as leaders... Read more

If the world ended today would your life be a miracle? Lessons of hope, riches, and love with alan cohen, bestselling spiritual teacher and contributor to #1 ny times chicken soup for the soul series

Who is your daily companion?  Fear or Love?  This is the fundamental question you need to answer on a daily basis. For many people, fear, worry, and stress are their.. Read more

Are You Angry and Frustrated? How to Recapture Your Peace, Calmness, and Love in Turbulent Times

By Dr. Alex Avila In our frenzied and turbulent world, many of us are becoming more frustrated and angrier by the day. How do you recapture your peace, calmness, and.. Read more