Does life have you feeling down? Would you like to have more self-confidence, inner power, and success? Now, there’s a way to have “Supercharged Self-Esteem,” an ever-growing sense of self-mastery and belief in yourself, that is realistic, yet humble; powerful, yet compassionate.

Here are some ways to have “Supercharged Self-Esteem.”

*Develop Self-Compassion:  When you make a mistake, forgive yourself. Ask yourself: “What if my child or loved one did the same mistake? Would I be gentle or harsh with them?” Be as gentle and forgiving with yourself as you are with those you love.

*Take a 5 Minute Daily Appreciation Break: In the evening, think about and write down the things you like about yourself. Maybe, you have a good sense of humor, you are kind and compassionate, you are good with your hands. Realize how much you have to offer the world with your talents and abilities, and you will feel like a strong contributor of value.

*Compare Yourself to Yourself:  Instead of comparing yourself to those who are doing better (causing you to feel envious or inferior), only compare yourself to the “old” you. Note how much you have improved or grown from your previous self, and how you are better today than yesterday.

*Visualize Your Future Success:  If you’re not better today than 5 years ago, then try this: Visualize your future success, doing what you love to do and being surrounded by the people you love. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and imagine your brightest future—feel the success and joy, deep in your heart.

*Give Loving Energy Without Expectation: This is one of the greatest secrets of healthy self-esteem. Smile at other people, pay them a compliment, help them with money, time, or practical help. When you put positive energy out there, you will often reap benefits in the form of knowledge, contacts, material and practical windfalls, and spiritual feelings of joy and gratitude.

It’s true: you can raise your self-esteem and love yourself. It is only when we love ourselves, that we can truly begin to love and help others.  A hot teapot can only pour hot tea. If you have love and compassion inside, you can pour that onto those you come into contact with.

For more on how to “Supercharge Your Self-Esteem” listen to Love University podcast.