When Wisdom Calls, Do You Listen?

It is said that the world’s first companion was Wisdom (experience, knowledge, and good judgment). Wisdom was appointed first and was the craftsperson at our side as the world began. Yet, too many of us ignore our wisdom within when it comes to listening to our gut about the important things in our life.  Your life is much better and happier when you develop Wisdom and act according to its dictates.

Wisdom, also known as intuition, insight, and higher knowledge can be developed in the following ways:

*Value Wisdom More Than Gold:  Wisdom can be your best friend, but it will come to you only when you seek it first. Study as much in you can in your fields of interest.  Read books or e-books, watch YouTube Videos, read blogs. Gain as much knowledge and wisdom as you can on the subjects that are important to you. Realize that wisdom is more valuable than money because wisdom can help you make more money and help others at the same time.

*Listen to Your Inner Wisdom:  In the East, there is a concept called the “Hara,” which is a physical point two inches below your navel. This is your center of balance and intuition. It is also known as you “gut feeling” or “gut hunch.”  The next time you have a decision to make, meditate on this point two inches below the navel, and ask yourself, “What is my gut telling me?” Should I stay with, or leave this person? Should I stay with (or leave) this career, business, location? Start to believe in the wisdom of your Hara, and Wisdom will be your daily companion.

*Always Seek to Add to Your Wisdom:  When you enter any situation or social encounter, ask yourself: “What can I learn here?” Even if you make small talk with a stranger or minor acquaintance, see what you can learn from the person and the situation. Even when you encounter an angry and difficult person, you can learn how “not to be.” You see how much the rageful person suffers—their face turning red; their heart rate accelerating—and you can choose to do the opposite: to be a patient and compassionate person.

*Partner Wisdom with Other Psychological Friends:  Wisdom works best when it is surrounded by other psychological friends such as Prudence (intelligent caution), Optimism (belief that things will be good), and Gratitude (being thankful for the good that comes to you). Wisdom is part of these other traits and these other traits are part of Wisdom. As you develop your Wisdom, seek to develop other good psychological habits that can help you improve your life and attract success and joy.

*Share Your Wisdom With Others:   One of the greatest gifts of Wisdom is its ability to be shared with others.  Mentor, teach, and guide people who ask for your help in life. Be an attentive listener to those who share their problems, hurts, and disappointment with you. You never want to force Wisdom on them—they have to be ready and receptive to accept Wisdom into their lives. The more you teach others, the more your own Wisdom will grow because you are harmonizing with other people’s energies and knowledge and creating a synergy that is greater than each of you individually.

There you have it.  You can access your Wisdom within to live a healthy, happy, and prosperous life. Every day when you wake up, say this phrase: “Good morning, Wisdom, my friend. I am ready to heed your guidance and listen to your advice.  I know that you and I are partners in excellence, and our purpose is to make this world a better place—to bring loving energy to humanity. Thank you for being my best friend, Wisdom.”

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