Wealth Without Limits: Your Mental Pathway To Ultimate Riches

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Would you like to be rich beyond your wildest dreams? Riches can consist of money and material possessions, as well as inner riches such as love, happiness, and health. On our new platform and podcast, Invincible You, we discussed the secrets of immense wealth and personal riches, as follows:

*Think of Money as Loving Money Energy (LME).  There is a revolutionary way to think about money. Money is really Loving Energy—a positive energy force that travels between human beings to make the world a better place. When you do something you love for work, you receive money in the form of loving energy in appreciation for the work you’ve done. Then, you take that money and purchase goods and services—you give your loving energy in appreciation for the value you receive from another person or entity. In this new way of thinking, money is not just a vehicle of exchange for goods and services.  It is a powerful force for good that can enhance lives and bring positive emotions into the world.

*Vanquish the Mind of Scarcity.  Unfortunately, many people grow up with a Mind of Scarcity—believing that there is not enough money or prosperity to go around. From their parents or others, they may learn money scarcity phrases like “Money doesn’t grow on trees,” or “Too much work, too little money.”  In reality, money can grow greatly if you know how to work, save, and invest properly.  You can also get to the point where your work doesn’t seem like work (you love it), and money flows abundantly from the work you do. Start today to write down your money-limiting ideas and thoughts in a journal or pad, and recognize how much these thoughts have kept you from achieving your true financial and psychological potential.

*Cultivate the Mind of Abundance.  The Mind of Abundance is the belief that you have(will have) all of the money and success you need. When you have the Mind of Abundance, you will boldly start new businesses and engage in new ventures and lifestyle changes because you know that you will obtain the resources you need to accomplish your goals. To develop the Mind of Abundance, visualize that the money supply in the world is constantly growing. Further visualize that, each day, there are more great ideas, inventions, and innovations. Also, imagine that every day, there are improved health conditions, better relationships, and more love in the world. Finally, imagine that you have so much money that you can afford to give away plenty. You know that you will always have more in store for yourself, your loved ones, and those people you can help. You understand that money, like everything else in the world, is constantly growing and expanding. You can give more because you have more.

Yes, you can have wealth without limits.  You can achieve this exalted state by thinking of money as loving energy, vanquishing the Mind of Scarcity, and cultivating your Mind of Abundance.  When you do this, you will unleash the floodgates of riches and prosperity in every area of your life: financial, relational, spiritual, and personal development.  Enjoy the riches of the world. They are yours.