Unleash Your Intuitive Genius And Make Your Dreams Come True

Have you ever had a gut hunch about something that later came true? Perhaps, you didn’t feel quite right about a charming and attractive person you just met, and they later turned out to be totally wrong for you. Or, you may have had a good feeling about a business or investment opportunity, and it later turned out to be a winner. Intuition is a sense of knowing something without knowing how you know. It is a sudden flash of insight, a “thin slicing” of judgement in which you come up with a conclusion based on what seems to be a small amount of information. Intuition can be very powerful, and new research shows how you can tap into your intuitive powers to achieve your dreams by developing the 4 Pillars of Intuition, as follows:

*Believe you can develop your intuition. Think of your intuition as a muscle that you can make stronger just like you would work out your muscles at the gym. You may consider yourself to be a more practical person; perhaps you don’t think you’re very intuitive. Yet, regardless of your current level of intuition, you can develop more of it. You can learn how to trust your gut and make the right decisions. You can improve your intuition.

*Get out of your head and into your gut (Hara).  You may be the overthinking type of person. Perhaps, you think about everything too much, and you have what Eastern philosophers call the “Monkey Mind,” a mind filled with worries and thoughts about the future and what will happen to you. To get reduce the monkey mind, you need to develop your Hara. In martial arts there is a point, two inches below your navel, called the Hara.  It is your point of intuition, balance, and power. When martial artists, no matter how old or small, are fully concentrated on their Hara, it is very difficult to move them off their position (even by stronger and younger martial artists). Try this exercise: Imagine that there is a colored light coming from your Hara—two inches below your navel. Perhaps, it’s green, blue, white, or yellow. Think of an emotion that the light represents—perhaps peace, joy, or love.  Now shine that light energy inwardly to yourself, creating relaxation and purpose, as well as outwardly to others, shining compassion and love to the world. Now ask your Hara an important question that you would like answered.  Perhaps, you will ask, “How will I find love?”  “What is my best career path?” or “What is my purpose in life?” When you ask the question, take a deep breath and wait for the Hara’s answer. It will come, and you may be pleasantly surprised at what you learn about yourself and what you truly want.

*Write down your intuitions.  On a daily basis, jot down your ideas, hunches, and intuitive feelings in a journal; a notebook, pad, or device. Write down your dreams, the results from the Hara exercise, and sudden flashes of insight that come to you in the shower or when you’re walking down the street. The more you get used to writing down your ideas and gut reactions, the better your intuition can become. When you first write them down, don’t judge their value; simply write with as much detail as you can. Later, you can come back, in the light of realistic analysis, and determine if you can apply your intuitive insights to improve your life and the lives of others.

*Test your hunches. When you get a gut feeling or intuition, test it.  Start with small things.  Maybe, you have an intuition about something that happened to your friend on a particular day. Tell your friend what you think and ask them if it is true.  Or, perhaps you have a good feeling about trying a new movie, restaurant, or activity.  Even though you’ve never tried it before, your intuition gives you a strong “Yes.” Go ahead and do it. You can also use your intuition for more serious or weighty matters.  Perhaps, you have a very strong and repetitive intuition about starting (or ending) a relationship or business/career/job. After careful study, deliberation, and counseling, you may still have that strong signal to take a particular action. If that is the case, then follow your intuition: stay in the relationship or end it; continue with the job/career/business or start a new one. Chances are, you will find that, despite your fear and trepidation, you have made the right choice. You will reap the benefits of your intuitive insight.

Yes, you can become more intuitive, and you can use your intuition to help yourself and others. Remember that your intuitive abilities, at their core, are all about love. When you trust your gut, you love yourself and believe in yourself. When you act on your intuition to help other people, you are loving others. And, when you connect with your Higher Nature (God, spirit, nature), you are uniting with the source of intuitive genius that flows through you. Start today to develop and trust in your intuition.  Your life will brighten as you bring more joy and goodwill to yourself and those around you.