Reinvent yourself in 2020: the power to be truly you

It’s time to become the best you can possibly be. Here are some tools to help you reach your greatest potential in 2020 and beyond:

*Discard the Little Bads: Be aware of the all the little negative and nagging thoughts in your mind: “I can’t afford it.” “I don’t have enough time.” “I can’t find love.” These are the “little bads”—self-defeating small thoughts that proliferate in your head. Replace them with “big thoughts”: “I have enough time and money for everything I need.” “I am love, and I will attract the right love into my life.” Switch a few small thoughts for big thoughts daily, and you will see a world of difference in your attitude, vision, and motivation.

*Take Easy Action: 90% of New Year’s Resolutions fail because people try too many things and expect too much, too soon: “Lose 50 pounds in a few months,” “Find a soul mate in 6 months,” “Make a Million this year.” Although big goals can be motivating, you also need to take easy, digestible steps toward those goals. If you want to lose weight, agree to go to the gym for 15 minutes a few times a week. If you want to save more money, start by paying yourself first—a certain percentage of your income—and put it in a separate investment account. Whatever your goal is, focus on taking small, easy-to-do steps daily. The cumulative effect of the simple actions will lead you to achieving great goals.

*Write Your Future Story: Meditate on your greatest self—how you will be in one year or five years as you become who you were meant to be. Close your eyes and visualize what you will look like, where you will be, what you will be doing, who is around you, and what you will be feeling in the near future as you achieve your goals. See yourself surrounded by loved ones, doing the work you love, and looking and feeling great. You can also write this in a journal or put it up on a vision board with pictures that represent the new, best you, and the type of life you’re leading (beautiful home, travels, creative and humanitarian ventures; great friends, a loving partner, happy and healthy children and animals). The more you visualize greatness, the more you can actualize your dreams—making them come true.

*Extend Loving Energy Without Expectation: This is one of the greatest secrets to success and happiness: Give to others without expecting anything back. Volunteer, join a charitable or humanitarian organization, help the people around you (friends, loved ones, business associates), or even those you don’t know (homeless, strangers). When you extend your loving energy, you are learning more about yourself—your ability to give; the resources you never thought you had. You will also elevate your mood, connect better with others, and serve as a positive role model to elevate the mood of those who see your loving example.

Yes, you can reinvent yourself in 2020 (and beyond). You may still have the same body and name, but your spirit and mind will be different, better, and more fulfilled. Take steps every day to make each year better for yourself and others. Give of your greatest self and you will receive everything you need in return. Enjoy the new You!