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Would you like to have the Millionaire Mind—a mindset of riches, abundance, and prosperity?  Now you can by following these simple steps:

Create Your Own Money Story: Many people have a fear or scarcity money story. They say to themselves phrases like, “I will never have enough money.”  To attract financial and material prosperity into your life, you need to change your story into one of abundance and wealth. Write down and repeat to yourself: “I have all the money I need to help myself, my family, and others.” Say this to yourself (or out loud) every day until it becomes a part of your waking consciousness.

Visualize Your Money Story:  Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and imagine that money and all types of precious metals and treasures are filling up your room, as well as the rooms of your loved ones and neighbors. Take a deep breath as you smell the extravagance and luxury of riches, money, and abundance.  Experience the pleasure and joy of being able to use money to grow in life as well as to contribute to the lives of others.  Write down your money goals and create a vision board—complete with pictures of what you want (cars, house, vacations, experiences, helping others). Feel that you already have them.

Act on Your Money Story:  Now that you have a firm vision of what you want, take action to accumulate wealth.  Follow the 10-10-80 rule. Put aside your first 10% to give to charity or your church, the next 10% to save and invest, then live off the remaining 80%.  Find an outline platform that automatically deducts money from your account to invest—that way you will invest every week and grow your money without thinking too much about it. Resolve that you will acquire the education, knowledge, skills, connections, and resources to reach your financial or business dream. Resolve that you will not give up until you have achieved the financial security you desire for yourself and your loved ones. Also, realize that the more you give money to help others, the happier you will feel (research-proven), and the more likely you are to receive money and prosperity in return.

As you bring more material wealth and riches in your life, you will realize that the main purpose of money is to enrich the lives of those you love and care about. Bottom line: Love is the greatest riches of all.

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