The Go For It Principle: Nothing Can Stop You From Achieving Your Dreams


Do you ever feel frustrated and blocked in life? You’re not getting what you want no matter how hard you try. You’re not succeeding in the way you want to in your career, finances, health, relationships, or spirituality. Now there’s a solution. It’s called the Go For It Principle: a powerful approach in which you pursue what is authentically right for you, despite the obstacles and consequences. On our recent Love University Podcast, we revealed the workings of the Go For It Principle and how applying it to your life can skyrocket your effectiveness and joy. On the show, we discussed the two important elements of the Go For It Principle known as Courage and the Wondermind:

Courage: Courage is the ability to do the right thing, despite the fear of failure, pain, or loss.  When you have a Courage mindset, you will right wrongs and stand firm in what you believe in, even if no one else stands with you. With courage, you dare to venture beyond what you thought were your limitations. You will talk to the person you’re really interested in, work in the field you truly love, and travel where you have dreamed of going.  You act, despite the fear.  As an exercise, have a “Act, despite the fear” week.  In your pad or journal, write down the things you have wanted to do, but haven’t done so because of fear. Then, choose one of those items, and do it. Perhaps, you will have a difficult conversation with an old friend or love partner, you will take an intelligent risk in business, career, or finances, or you will take steps to start a new hobby, activity, or lifestyle interest that you have been anxious about beginning. Whatever it is, do it this week, then record the results. Write down what happened and how you felt. Chances are, by acting despite the fear, you will break through old mental barriers, and you will achieve excellent emotional and real-world results.

Wondermind: This is the part of your mind that is at ease, relaxed, and all-loving. You’re confident and joyful in any situation despite the circumstances. You can see the humor and creativity in any situation. To develop the Wondermind, think of your life like a spiritual vacation: Every day of your life is like being on a relaxing vacation in a beautiful resort.  When your vacation is over (you die), you will return to your true home of the Higher Nature (God/spirit/nature). Therefore, it’s important that you savor every moment you have during your time on earth (spiritual vacation) and leave a lasting legacy of love and goodness.

Here is your homework this week, Love University students:  Tap into the power of the Go For It Principle. On a daily basis, make sure you access Courage, the might to do right, and the Wondermind—live each moment with spontaneity, humor, and delight. When you do this, you will uplift your spirit and imagination, and you will be able to achieve everything you’ve ever wanted. Enjoy.