Are you rushing through life and trying to cram too many things in your day? Is your cell phone dominating your every moment?

If so, you can benefit from our latest podcast: "Genius of Slow,” featuring Carl Honoré, leader of the worldwide "Slow Movement."  The Slow Movement was started in Italy to help people worldwide slow down their lives (eating, talking, doing), so they can live relaxed and stress-free lives in our busy, technology-rushed world.

Here are some “Slow Down” Techniques you can try to help you live easy:

*Master the Power of “NO”:  Many successful people say “no” to most things because they prioritize and focus on what really matters in their lives: spending time with their loved ones and making a positive contribution to the world.  By saying “no” to what you don’t want (meaningless involvements), you can say “yes” to what you truly want to do.

*Unplug from Technology: Technology dominates our lives. One smart strategy is to have times when you disconnect from your technological devices. A new trend is called “stacking.” When friends get together for a meal, they put their cell phones in a stack. The first one who grabs for their cell phone has to pay for the meal. Make it a fun game to see how long you can go without checking your technological devices. You will feel lighter and more relaxed.

*Develop a Slow Ritual: Find something you can do slowly that relaxes you, perhaps, drinking tea, or doing yoga, gardening, cooking, poetry, or sketching. Doing this activity 10 minutes (or more) in the morning and/or evening can help you unwind and switch your gears from the mindset of hurry and rush to one of calmness and serenity.

*Be Aware of Your Body: As you do activities, whether it’s showering, eating, or walking, be aware of your movements. Observe the food as it enters your mouth, feel the sensations of the warm water and soap on your skin, see yourself walking under a doorway. This type of awareness will help you realize just how rushed and tense you often are, and can help you slow down to find small daily pockets of peace and relaxation.

There you are. Now you can slow down and savor life.  Truly relish every moment you have while you are here on this Earth. When you slow down, paradoxically, you will get things done quicker because you are more focused, efficient, and relaxed. Your undistracted and peaceful mind can do wonders. To hear more, listen to Dr. Alex Avila and Carl Honoré at  FOR PODBEAN    FOR ITUNES