What would you do if the world came to an end? lessons of hope, love, and courage from mia kingsely, award-winning post-apocalytpic author: “survivors of the sun”

By Dr. Alex Avila

With recent events and the current pandemic gripping the world, many people are in shock, panic, and sadness. Yet, there is reason for hope and positive expectation as the human spirit has survived mind-bending catastrophes in the past and will continue to thrive in many times to come. This is the lesson we learned from our guest on Love University, Mia Kingsley, author of the award-winning post-apocalyptic novel, Survivors of the Sun.  Here are some tips we learned from Mia about how to survive in the worst of times—even when we think the world may be coming to an end.

*We have to evolve:   The world is constantly changing, and we need to change with it. As humans, we try to hang on to mental and emotional security, only to realize that constancy is fleeting. Everything changes and evolves.  We grow older, hopefully wiser, and the things we had before we may not have tomorrow. Yet, we can also expand our consciousness, give and receive more love, and make a positive contribution—no matter what type of world we live in. Growth is an absolute.

*We need to be prepared:  Catastrophic world events are no longer just seen in science fiction or some futuristic scenario. We are currently living in a world where dangers may come from unknown and different directions.  In the current health crisis, we must have needed supplies, practice good hygiene, and limit our exposure to the virus until the health authorities tell us it’s OK to carry on as usual. Preparation eases our minds and helps us face the new challenges that await.

 *Make something beautiful.  All of us have something beautiful inside—perhaps a talent, ability, or attribute.  Maybe, you’re good at music, sports, art, science, writing, teaching, business, crafts, or caretaking. Perhaps, you’re humorous and can make people laugh, or you’re an inspiring and motivating person who can help others be their best. Or, you just may be a strong, silent type who comforts people by your presence. Whatever your talent—in Spanish it is called “Don,” (gift from God)—use it to help yourself and others. If you’re stuck at home, engage in your hobbies and interests to enliven the lives of those around you. Make a new song, artwork, or crafts handiwork that you can give to others; bake a cake, write a story, teach a child something.  Whatever you do, make it come from inside your own beauty, and you will enliven everyone’s day.

*It’s all about love.  In the end, love is the ultimate prize and the ultimate solution.  Spending time with your family and loved ones in difficult times is the silver lining behind the clouds of fear and despair.  Giving love to others without expectation is one of the golden secrets to your everyday happiness. Smile at people, give them sincere compliments, do a video chat session with a hurting friend as you attentively listen to their problems. These are all ways you can extend loving energy to others on a daily basis. The key is that you will give love without expectation—without expecting that others will smile back, like you, or even be attentive to you. You give loving energy because you have it inside—and the more you give it, the more it grows.  It’s true: Love is the only thing that can combat the darkness of fear and despair. Use it as your sword against suffering and you will be victorious.

Yes, it is possible to survive, and even thrive, in difficult and dark times. Whether you are suffering because of the current world health situation, or because you may have other personal challenges in your life, there is a solution—there is hope.  Loving yourself, others, and a higher nature; putting your talents to use for the good of humanity; and evolving into the best human being you can possibly be.   These are all solutions to fear, sadness, and loneliness. You will have joy in your heart and confidence in your step when you fully become who you were meant to be and project a shining example to all who cross your path.  You will not just survive—you will prosper and a leave a lasting legacy of love and goodness to the world.