Silence Your Thought Demons: Vanquish Your Critical Inner Voices And Live With Passion, Purpose, And Power

There is a negative force that is out to get you. It is called the Thought Demons—the collection of all the negative and critical thoughts you’ve had in your mind since childhood. These include thoughts such as “You’re never make it. You’ll never find love.  You’ll never be financially secure. You’re a loser.”  The good news is that these voices can be defeated and you can live free from their malevolent influence. On Love University, we learned powerful techniques for eradicating the Thought Demons in your mind and finding joy and success. Here are the three steps of Thought Demon eradication:

*Identify the Thought Demon.  In a journal, pad, or notebook write down the name of the particular negative or critical thought that is tormenting you the most at the moment. Maybe it’s the “Money Failure Thought Demon”—telling you that “You’re a loser with money. You will never have enough.”  Draw what it looks like, with a certain color that represents its nature. Maybe, you will draw a skinny green goblin that laments the lack of money in your life.

*Talk back to the Thought Demon.   Tell it, “I am smart and talented. I can make as much money as I want. I am stronger than you and I can make you disappear.” As you challenge the Thought Demon, realize that it has no power to harm or control you. You can be the master of your mind.

*Develop your Love Voice. Your love voice is the part of your mind that is loving, powerful, and healing. It tells you that you can succeed and you are worthy.  To cultivate your Love Voice, think of all the love you have for your loved ones, friends, family, pets, work, and hobbies. When a Thought Demon tries to infiltrate your mind, think of all the good things in the world: the love between humans; the beauty of nature, and the great things that await you in the future.

The truth is that you can be free of the Thought Demons and get your mental life back.  All you have to do is identify the critical thoughts, stand up to them, and develop your positive, healing Love Voice. When you do this, you can rid yourself of the Thought Demons and regain control over your mind. You can live effortlessly, with peace, power, hope, and love.  Start today:  Say goodbye to the Thought Demons and say hello to your authentic and confident loving nature.