How to live like a king or queen: special guest, “Scrilla King,” youtube rap sensation and real-world philosopher

When life gets you down, how do you keep it together?  By being true to yourself and putting a smile on other people’s faces.  These are just some of the wise words we learned from our special guest on Love University, Scrilla King, 26-year-old rapping sensation, director, and producer.  Winner of singing awards as a child, musical prodigy Scrilla also suffered the pain of death and loss as his brother was killed on the streets of LA. With his music and positive energy attitude, Scrilla is striving to make a difference and shared some of his insights on life and music with us:

*Don’t let the Hater’s “hate” on you: When he was younger, Scrilla had a beef (public dispute) with Chet Hanks (Chet Haze), a rapper and son of esteemed actor, Tom Hanks.  Now Scrilla says that he focuses on spreading good instead of focusing on other people’s negative energies. He says, “Bad energies don’t need to attack you. Just put as much positive energy into the world as you can, and the good will come back for you. Forgiveness is not just for others; it’s for you too, so you can be free.”

*Every Day Put a Smile on People’s Faces:  Scrilla says that positive energy can unite the world. Whatever your occupation or talent is, share it with others.  Strive daily to be a good friend, mom, dad, brother, sister, son, daughter, coworker, or member of the community. Every day, smile at people, say nice things, make people laugh or feel good about themselves (sincere compliments). The more “emotional sunshine” you bring into their day, the better you (and others) will feel as a result.

*If You Can Master This Word, You Can Rule Your World: “Consistency.”  Being consistent, and doing the right thing every day, builds good habits and success.  If you floss every day, you will have better teeth.  If you work out and eat well daily, you will have better health.  If you tell your loved ones that you love them (and show it to them) daily, you will have more loving relationships.  If you work to improve your craft and business daily, you will be better at what you do. When you’re consistent, and work hard and steady, you can succeed anywhere.

*Every Second, Every Minute, Every Day, Is Not Promised: Live Each Day as If It’s Your Last:  Scrilla’s brother was killed tragically in Los Angeles—a young life taken.  It’s part of human nature to somehow believe that we, and our loved ones, will live forever. Then, we’re surprised or shocked when we see that’s not the case—when lives are taken from this earth too soon. Use this reality of death as a wonderful motivator to do everything you want to do—to say everything you want to say.  Think of today as your last day on earth and you’re being interviewed by a news anchor—wouldn’t you want to say the last important words you want to say, to your loved ones and to the world? Every day, strive to help people and express your true feelings as you give others something positive they can take with them—helping them walk in their authentic shoes and be their ultimate selves.

Yes, you can be a King or Queen in your own life; you can own your true nature, communicate love and peace to others, and walk in the shoes of success, love, and contribution. Just take a few moments every day to remember the truth:  You are a King or Queen by birthright—by having the blessing of life and being born into this world, you are already royalty. As a psychological King or Queen, remember that you can accomplish a great deal on earth as you leave behind a legacy of love and creativity.  Live your best life every day.