Psychological utopia: how to live with peace, love, and power in difficult and catastrophic times

Has the world got you down—making you feel anxious, sad, and worried?   Now, there is hope and promise in a new way to live. It is called Psychological Utopia—a mental and emotional state of inner invincibility, love, and joy. You’ve heard of a Utopia—a perfect and loving world.  Now, despite the turmoil and fear faced by the world in the current health crisis, you can learn how to create your own Inner Utopia, a state of peace, love, confidence, and emotional security. Here are some things you can do to bring this Psychological Utopia into your life and the lives of those you care about:

*Recognize the Paradox of Adversity. When you face adversity, you may suffer from fear, worry, and sadness. But, you are also able to learn from your circumstances and become a stronger and more loving human being in the process. After a tragedy or serious challenge, you can start to recognize the importance of simple things:  hugging and kissing your loved ones; time spent with friends, children, and animals; doing the things you love; exercising, having a spiritual or meditative practice, helping others. Once our world goes back to normal, you will have a greater appreciation of these things that you may have taken for granted in the past. Like a breath of fresh air, you will feel elevated.

*Beware the Second Arrow. The first arrow of life is the difficult or painful circumstance—a health or financial setback, a broken relationship, frustration in career or work. You feel the pain of losing something you consider important in your life.  This is normal and natural.  The problem occurs when your mind adds the second arrow—your negative and even catastrophic interpretation of the event.  A friend stops calling—you feel pain from the lost friendship.  Now, you can stab yourself with a second mental arrow—“I will never have another friend like this,” or “I’m not lovable.” You have added to your own pain by your mental interpretation. A more healing approach is to say to yourself, “I will not allow the second arrow to hurt me. Maybe, it was time for our friendship to end. Although it hurts now, I know this experience can open the door for an even stronger and more beautiful friendship to enter my life. I am content as I am right now.” Now, you have cancelled the second arrow and have brought more peace into your life.

*Practice Virtual Closeness: In our current times, we are called to be physically distant from each other for health reasons.  Although we need to be physically separated, we can still be emotionally connected. Research shows that loneliness and emotional isolation is one of the biggest causes of depression, poor health, and even an early death.  Our goal is to maintain emotional closeness to people, regardless of how physically apart we are. We can still do virtual hangouts or virtual game nights; we can exercise, worship, and play together by video chatting.  We can connect with long-lost friends and relatives and share our favorite things online—movies, books, songs—with others. Although we are physically apart, we can be connected through our hearts and minds and the advantages of technology.  We can feel that we are united and connected, no matter where we are.

*Extend Loving Energy Without Expectation. One of the most beautiful mindsets to have for Psychological Utopia is to give love without expecting anything back.  Smile at others, offer sincere compliments, help them with practical or financial matters, and listen attentively and empathetically to their concerns. Strive to bring light and goodness into other people’s lives, without asking for anything in return. The person you are kind and compassionate to may not return your favor, but perhaps someone you don’t even know will offer you loving energy when you need it the most.  Your goal is to be like the sun—shining your loving energy everywhere you go. Of course, some people don’t like the sun—they cover up—but the sun doesn’t mind; it never gets mad. It just keeps shining on everyone. Although some may avoid the sun, there are plenty of people who love the sun and will lie out to receive its rays. In the same way, you can listen, volunteer, help, and love people like the sun—no matter what happens—because that is who you are: Loving energy.

Although this is a difficult and challenging time for many people, the good news is that our world society can become stronger and better once we come out of this crisis.  As we all suffer from a common malady, we can become closer as human beings—as we recognize that we all share the same fears and pains, but we also share the same joy and love for our loved ones and our place on this earth.  Also, this crisis is allowing us to go within—to become more internal—and ponder our place in the world and the meaning of our lives. This can also be a healthy and productive development.  Finally, we begin to fully realize just how much we need each other, and how the power of love can transform lives.

Our mission at Love University is to help eradicate loneliness by the year 2025. At we unite as one world, one people, one love, through the power of technology, we can begin to accomplish this grand goal.  As people learn how to love themselves, others, and a Higher Nature (God/spirit/nature), we can begin to eradicate loneliness, fear, and despair.  Love indeed becomes the ultimate power for good.  Share in it, and make this world the Psychological Utopia that will bring hope and light for all.