New invincible you series: 7% club of the living: Live today like it’s your last day

Hi: I’m pleased to announce the publication of my newest book, Invincible You:  Discover Your Inner Power and Achieve Your Heart’s Desires, now available on all online bookstores, including Amazon.

This week, we begin the Invincible You Series, helping you transform pain into power and fulfill your most treasured goals in life.

With a combination of Western Positive Psychology, ancient spiritual disciplines, and plain old common sense,Invincible You gives you the tools to thrive in your relationships, career, health, finances, and emotional mastery.

To kick off our series, we show you how to maximize your membership in a most exclusive club, “The Club of the Living.” With over 107 billion dead throughout history, and over 7 billion people currently alive, you are a member of a special exclusive club.  You are alive!

Here’s how to fully enjoy your membership in the Club of the Living (remember it’s for a limited time only):

*Recognize that you have a “First Life” and a “Second Life.” Your Second Life begins when you realize you only have one life. When this happens, you really appreciate the life you have been given; you are grateful for every moment.

*Enjoy the Sunshine of Life:  See life like a ray of light that shines on you from the sun overhead. While you are alive, the sun shines on you; when you die, it will shine on others. Cherish the warmth and beauty of this Life ray while you have it, and accomplish all you desire under the sun.

*See life as a “Spiritual Vacation.” You’re only here on this earth for a short period of time (compared to eternity)—you might as well have fun while you’re here. Don’t let the little things (temporary annoyances, problems, obstacles, disagreements) get you down. Enjoy your life vacation while it lasts.

*Live Your Dreams: Create Your Own Bucket List: Accomplish your deeply-desired goals. Fulfill your own Bucket List just like the amazing Gladys Burrill who entered into her first marathon at age 86, and was the oldest in history to complete one, when she successfully ran the Honolulu Marathon at age 92 (just turned 100).

*Savor Your Successes:   Share your successes and accomplishments with friends, treat yourself to a special reward when you reach your goals.  Amp up your feelings of joy and happiness when you succeed in something you really want. Leave a legacy of goodness and love for all to see.

Every day, when you wake up, repeat an inspirational “Club of The Living” phrase or motto to yourself. Write one of your own, or adopt this one:

I am alive. I am the 7%. This is my time. The sun shines on me today—tomorrow, it may go elsewhere. As long as I am here on Earth, I will enjoy every drop of life that I have—savoring it like the finest of wines. As long as blood courses through my veins, and thoughts flow through my mind, my soul will dance with joy, and my heart will sing with love. I am one of the 7% of the Living, and I am grateful.

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