Meet Your Higher Nature:a Quick Lesson In Accessing The Ultimate Power Of The Universe

By Dr. Alex Avila


Would you like to have ultimate confidence, success, and joy? You can have it by tapping into the majesty and power of the Higher Nature.  Known by many names—God, spirit, nature, essence—the Higher Nature is the unifying principle of the universe.  It is the all-powerful, all-knowing, and all-loving entity that gives you compassion and wisdom. The Higher Nature is not merely a religious or spiritual concept. It is a living symbol for something good that exists in you and beyond you—providing you with a personal experience of the immense potential of the universe. On our Love University podcast, we learned valuable tips for accessing the power of the Higher Nature to transform your life. Here’s what we learned:

*Do prayer walking. On a daily basis, speak to the Higher Nature (pray) as you walk. As you do this, notice the beauty and goodness of life.  If you’re outdoors or in nature, look around and connect the concept of the Higher Nature to everything you see. If you see a tree, you can think, “Higher Nature, let me be big and strong like that tree.” When you ­observe a bird, you can remark: “Higher Nature, allow me to soar free like the bird."  As you talk to the Higher Nature in this way, make sure you express gratitude as you see the Higher Nature in everything—rocks, trees, sunsets, sun, moon, animals—and recognize the special ingredient poured into all things: Love.

*Infuse everything you do with love.  Think of the Higher Nature’s love for you in your daily activities. Brush your teeth and wash your face with love (be grateful you have teeth and a face). Realize that the Higher Nature gave you a great vessel (your body) that you can enjoy and grow with as you walk, eat, work, love, and connect to your Higher Nature.

*Extend loving energy without expectation. One of the greatest secrets of happiness is to give love to others without expecting anything in return. Think of your Higher Nature as a great friend who loves you without expectation. You can do the same for others: be kind, loving, and compassionate; smile at them, listen to them empathetically, and give from your heart, mind, and soul. You will do all of this without expecting anything in return, not even a smile or thank you. In this way, you enter a mental place of loving unity and oneness in which balance, peace, power, and love become your daily companions.

How do you access the Higher Nature? By realizing that the Higher Nature, at its core, is the culmination of all the love, goodness, mercy, peace, and power in the universe. When you see a young couple in love, or a newborn baby, you see the Higher Nature. When you see a person saying goodbye to their loved one (dying), you see the Higher Nature. With your new Higher Nature perspective, you perceive all people and all things as innately exquisite and beautiful—creations of the Higher Nature. Now you can move beyond a limited perception and see love in yourself, others, and the Higher Nature. Now all will be well in your inner and outer world. You are free.