Meet the Meaning Seeker: The Soul Mate Who Does It With Feeling and Intuition

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Would you like to find a soul mate who is intuitive, sensitive, romantic, and wants to find the meaning in life? If so, then your ideal match may be the Meaning Seeker—a unique personality type who loves psychology, philosophy, spirituality, the arts, and finding the meaning in life. On Love University Podcast, we discussed the unique characteristics of this Meaning Seeker GuyType (romantic personality style), as well as where to meet them, how to win their heart, and how to have a great, long-term relationship with them. Here's what we learned:

1. Go Where the Meaning Is:  To meet a Meaning Seeker, get involved in online or offline groups that revolve around psychology, philosophy, spirituality, the arts, and humanitarian/philanthropic ventures. The Meaning Seeker wants to make a difference in the world, and you can help them do just that if the two of you unite your missions and values.

2. Communicate with words of meaning and feeling.  Meaning Seekers are hopeful romantics. They appreciate words of endearment like “Honey” and “Sweetheart,” as well as true gifts of appreciation (a handwritten note or poem).  They also like to discuss deep, philosophical topics such as life after death, intelligent beings in other universes, and how to bring more love and compassion to the world.

3. Express yourself through spirituality. Meaning Seekers are often spiritual or religious individuals who want to understand the purpose of life and bring their talents to fruition to help the world.  Pray, meditate, and take spiritual workshops with your Meaning Seeker Soul Mate.  Help each other achieve the fullest potential and you will have a happy and loving relationship.

The Meaning Seeker (intuitive and feeling) can be the best mate for you. Always striving for growth, improvement and intimacy, they are excellent mates and spouses. Start today and express your authenticity and love toward others and the world, and you may soon find yourself with the Meaning Seeker love of your life.

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