Master the Mental Desert of Weakness: Achieve Your Full Power Potential



Would you like to overcome negative thoughts and emotions, and achieve your greatest potential in life? You can do so by following a few simple tips from Dr. Avila’s latest book, Invincible You: Discover Your Inner Power and Achieve Your Heart’s Desires. Here’s what you need to do:

1. Identify the negative inner voices that hold you back. In a journal or notebook, write down the self-defeating thoughts that attack you on a daily basis: “I’m not smart enough.”  “I’m not attractive enough.” “I’m not lovable enough.”  “I’m not confident enough.” “I will never succeed in life.” Once you write them down, you will realize that these self-defeating thoughts are not you. They are just temporarily invading thought entities that try to fool you into believing that they are you. Don’t believe the thought tricksters. You are something far greater than the temporary gloomy thoughts in your mind.

2. Reverse the pronouns. To change your perspective about the negative thought invaders, change the pronoun you use from “I” to “You.” Now, when self-defeating thoughts enter your mind, you will say, “You (self-defeating thoughts) are not smart enough.” “You are not lovable enough.” “You will never be able to control me.”  When you do this, you turn the table on the self-defeating thoughts and put them on the defensive. You understand that they, not you, are the ones who are weak and easy to defeat.

3. Create Self-Enhancing thoughts in place of self-defeating Thoughts.  On a daily basis, write down and repeat self-growth thoughts to yourself. Say things like “I am smart.” “I am attractive.” “I am lovable.” “I am success and love.” When you ingrain these beautiful thoughts in your mind, your mood and motivation will improve significantly. Now you will have the mental firepower to achieve your goals and help other people along the way.

Yes, it is true that you can chart your course towards love and happiness. Along the way, you can throw away self-defeating thoughts, and you can fill your mind with joy, compassion, peace, love, and confidence. Start today to master the Desert of Weakness and start your climb toward the Mountain of Invincibility. You will enjoy every step along the way.

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