Learn The 3 Secrets Of Happiness: Forever Joy Can Be Yours Today, Right Now.

You can be happy, despite the circumstances.  No matter how much you have suffered in the past, you can learn now to be happy as a consistent habit. All you have to do is learn 3 time-tested, research-proven secrets of happiness: They are:

*Gratitude:  Be thankful for the good that comes to you—from your loved ones, the Higher Nature, even strangers (help you on the side of the road). Keep a gratitude journal and write down three things you're grateful for every day: Your life, family, friends, career, hobbies, talents and interests; for the air, sunshine, birds, and trees—everything you can think of. Research shows that keeping a gratitude journal increases your happiness by 30% and improves your sleep by 40%. Try it this week and notice the difference in your daily mood.

*Joyful Optimism: Optimism comes from the root word, “Optimus,”—"the best."  When you are optimistic, you expect the best; you anticipate that things will work out well for you; you feel that “I am going to be OK.”  Research shows that optimistic people are also luckier in life. They’re more likely to win the lottery, make money in business deals, pick the right love partner and friends, and make the best health and financial decisions. Because they are more open to experience, and can turn problems into possibilities, they are more flexible, motivated, and perseverant. As a result, they usually get better results and are happier.

*Forgiveness:  Forgiveness erases the pain of your past.  When you forgive others for wrongs committed against you, you liberate yourself from resentment, anger, and hatred. Although you may have nothing more to do with those who hurt you, you are forgiving them so you can be mentally free of them and the harms they committed against you. By doing this, you can move on with your life with a free and positive mind. Although you may be able to forgive others, one of the hardest things to do is to forgive yourself—for your flaws, mistakes, and blunders. You are probably your harshest critic. Start today to forgive yourself for all of your real or imagined errors.  Realize that there is no need to regret your past mistakes. The truth is that you can only act at your current level of psychological awareness.  When you’re in 6th grade, you make 6th grade mistakes; now that you’re in college (higher level of psychological development), you won’t make the same mistakes. Resolve that you will learn from your errors and grow as a human being—looking forward, not backward, to a bright and promising future.

There you have it: Practice the 3 Secrets of Happiness today and live with joy and success. Let us know your results by writing to us at loveuniversitylove@gmail.com.  To get your copy of the 3 Secrets of Happiness go to Amazon at shorturl.at/mwD89. We welcome your success stories.