Invincible You

ISBN-10: 0692043381

ISBN-13: 979-0692043386

Invincible You is the ultimate manual for self-empowerment and loving contribution. Utilizing the best of modern Western Positive Psychology and Eastern Mind-Body Practices, you will learn how to become psychologically Invincible and achieve your fullest human potential.

In the process, you will have self-command and enjoy maximum success in your personal life and career; in your relationships, financial matters, and mental and physical health. You will become a person who is constantly growing and expanding—bringing goodness and light into the world and leaving a lasting legacy of love and contribution.

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Would You Like to Be Invincible?

Now there’s a new way to achieve your dreams, no matter what.

It is called Invincibility—a mental state of continual elevation and freedom in which you’re free of adverse thoughts and emotions, and are able to achieve your fullest potential.

In Invincible You, bestselling author and psychologist, Dr. Alexander Avila, unveils a revolutionary new paradigm for inner power and outer accomplishment. Utilizing the best of modern Western Positive Psychology and Eastern Mind-Body practices, Dr. Avila teaches you how to develop Mental Invincibility Imprints (positive mindset) so you can fulfill your heart’s desires and leave a lasting legacy of love and contribution.

In illuminating chapters filled with techniques, strategies, stories, and practical exercises, you will learn how to:

*Transform Your Cesspool of Weakness into a Reservoir of Invincibility: Change your negative programming into a mental wellspring of positivity and power.

*Access the Power of Your Hara: Utilize the ancient technique of Hara control to develop your emotional balance and intuition.

*Utilize Groundbreaking Mind Expansion Techniques: Use counterintuitive techniques such as Reversal, Spontaneity, and Extending Loving Energy Without Expectation to receive amazing results in your relationships, finances, career, health, and happiness.

*Develop Unstoppable Relationships: Associate with like-minded Invincibility Seekers and create the most beautiful and lasting relationships imaginable.

*Achieve Wealth without Limits:  Apply the concept of Loving Money Energy to change your money mindset into one of abundance and prosperity.

*Reach the top of Invincible Mountain:  Climb up to the lovely mental place where the sun always shines, and your happiness is permanently established. Break the mental chains that bind you and declare your Invincibility, once and for all.