Unleash Your Invincible Mind and Live Victoriously: The Invincible You Series with Dr. Avila

Would you like to live victoriously and achieve your goals and dreams despite the circumstances? Now you can.  In today’s uncertain and anxiety ridden-world, you learn to live with the Mind of Invincibility—with absolute confidence, peace, and power, regardless of the turmoil and anxiety around you. Here are some tips for overcoming obstacles and living to your fullest, as we learned in our new series: “Invincible You”:

*Give What You Want Most:  You may be disappointed and frustrated that you are not getting what you want—in your relationships, career, finances, health, or personal happiness. You ask: “Why do people get all the luck and I don’t?”  If that’s the case, here’s a simple solution: Give what you want most.  If you want love, be more loving to others. Find the loneliest or shyest person and smile at them; talk to them; comfort them.  If you want more money, give some money to charity or a humanitarian organization. Give away some of your material items, volunteer your time.  You will find that the more you give what you want, the more abundant and fulfilled you will feel. Instead of approaching the world form a mind of scarcity (“never enough”) you will realize that when you can give to others, you have more than enough for yourself. Now, the Universe will work in your favor to give you the exact same things you are giving away—love, money, happiness and more.

*Forgive Yourself for Your Past and Your Future.  You may be hard on yourself for your past mistakes, and regret may fill your mind. You ask: “Why did I stay with that incompatible (abusive) partner for so long?” “Why didn’t I stay with the person I truly loved?”  “Why did I stay with that unfulfilling career so long (or not pursue the career I really wanted)?” On and on, regrets can torment you if you don’t forgive yourself. When you forgive yourself for your past mistakes (and any mistakes you may make in the future), you suddenly feel lighter, freer, and stronger.  When you are weakened by regret, you tend to repeat the same mistakes—over and over—because you don’t feel that you can do any better, that you deserve any better.  On the other hand, self-forgiveness opens the path for you to have a brighter future that is not burdened by regret. Think of it this way.  When you were in 6th grade psychologically, you made 6th grade mistakes (maybe you hurt people without realizing it); now that you are in college, you won’t make those 6th grade mistakes again.  You have learned the lessons from your errors and you will act differently because you are different. You have moved beyond past regrets and errors into a complete acceptance of yourself as someone who can learn and grow from your past. You are regret-free.

*Make Gratitude Your Best Friend.  Gratitude is the understanding that the good that comes to you comes from outside you—perhaps a higher power, your loved ones, or even a stranger who helps you when you’re stranded on the side of the road.  Psychology tells us that gratitude is a tremendous tool for self-growth.  Research shows that people who keep a gratitude journal—write down things they are grateful for every day—have 30% less depression and 40% better sleep.  Start right now: What are you grateful for?  For your life, your loved ones, your body, your health, your career or talents, your ability to breathe fresh air, hear the birds sing; for the love of lovers; the love of parent and child; the bliss of communing with a Higher Nature, and for the slice of eternity (your life) that you have been given to make a difference in the world and leave a lasting legacy of love and goodness. These are just some of the things you can be grateful for. Even if you think that your life sucks right now, chances are, you can find a few things to be grateful about (maybe you have a loving pet).  When you uplift your mind to gratefulness and count your blessings, you focus suddenly changes from “Poor me,” to “Blessed I.”  You move away from thinking constantly about how unfairly life has treated you to reveling in the good of the Universe and the Higher nature (God/spirit/nature) that takes care of you and loves you.  Now your mood is brightened and you can go out and achieve your dreams.

Yes, you can have an Invincible Mind—a mind that is incapable of being defeated.  Being invincible in the psychological sense doesn’t mean that you will be perfect, or that you will never face loss, pain, or suffering (you will).  The difference is that your Invincible Mind gives you resilience, the ability to bounce back from any adversity so you can love yourself and others, despite the turmoil and problems you face.  In the end, your psychological and spiritual strength will envelop you as you extend your loving energy to others, without expectation—helping to make this world a better place because you were in it.

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