How To Have Unstoppable Relationships:the Secrets Of Wonderful Love, Sex, And Togetherness


Would you like to have a powerful and loving relationship that gets better every day?  If you desire it, you can create a love relationship filled with incredible romance, sex, love, and lasting togetherness. Here are some of the important tips we discussed on Love University for creating an unstoppable relationship:

*Seek Invincibility Seeker Love. An Invincibility Seeker is someone who wants to improve their life and the life of their partner.  They are individuals who desire to make a positive difference in the world. When two Invincibility Seekers come together, they can create a beautiful love relationship of like-minded “soul enhancers”  who will help elevate each other’s minds and hearts to reach a higher level of living that is far beyond the ordinary.  This is the type of Invincibility Seeker Love you should be aiming for with your love partner.

*Transmute Your Sexual Energy. Sexual transmutation is the channeling of sexual energy into a higher state of frequency that contributes positively to the individual, and to society.  To do this, you should invest your libido in a Invincibility Seeking partner as they do the same for you. In this way, your sexual energy becomes fused with love and romance, and inspires both of you to achieve the greatest heights of success and love in your relationship and life. There are many examples of love-sex transmutation (motivation) that have led to great accomplishments, including:

F. Scott Fitzgerald, the great author from the 1920’s, who loved his schizophrenic wife, and made her the inspiration for many of the female protagonists in his novels.

Kass and Michael Lazerow: A married couple who founded Buddy Media, a social enterprise software company that connects advertising firms with consumers. In his article, “Why I Have Sex With My Co-founder,” Michael makes the case for couples to start businesses together.

Casey Sackett and Jennifer Wong. Husband and wife, Casey and Jennifer, were expecting their first child. As a result of their experience, they decided to create various apps for expectant mothers, including the popular BabyBump, a pregnancy and social network app.

*True Love Is Based on Deep Understanding of the Other.    Deep love is not based on simply sexual attraction, surface compatibility, companionship, or mutual interests.  It is grounded on a deep, empathetic understanding of a love partner—knowing each other’s goals, habits, dreams, preferences, values, hopes, and fears.  It is when a husband has his wife’s bubble bath ready because he knows she’s had a hard day, and when his wife prepares his favorite meal to celebrate his accomplishment at work. This type of deep understanding leads to a total acceptance of the beloved as they are—forming the foundation of a powerful and lasting love that doesn’t fade when the looks or status goes away.

Yes, you can have unstoppable romance and love with the mate of your choice.  All you have to do is seek Invincibility Love, apply the principles of Sexual Transmutation, and develop a deep, empathetic understanding and acceptance of each other. When you have the right Invincibility Seeker mate, you can create a love that stands the test of time and is based on giving love without expectation—the greatest love of all.