How To Have Unbelievable Relationships That Stand The Test Of Time


Would you like to have a great love relationship that keeps getting better and more loving as time goes by? Now you can by applying some of the ideas we learned on Love University, as follows:

*Love Yourself.  To find and keep a loving partner, you need to love yourself. The key is to love yourself in a humble, not egotistical way. You love yourself by taking care of your emotional and physical needs, forgiving yourself for past errors, and relaxing instead of worrying. You also love yourself by picking a romantic partner who adds to your life and helps you increase your own well-being as you help them increase theirs.

*Choose Invincibility Seekers. Invincibility Seekers are those individuals who want to raise their level of happiness and love.  When choosing a mate or romantic partner, look at the inner character of the person. Ask yourself: “Are they an Invincibility Seeker?” If so, then nurture the relationship as you and your partner create light (positivity) in the world.

*Apply Sexual Transmutation.  Sexual transmutation is the application of sexual energy for a higher purpose. When you make love with your partner, visualize that you are merging with your partner and creating a higher vibration of light and love. When you fuse sexuality, romance, and love with a loving partner, both of you will generate increased creativity, charisma, and love.

Go out this week and love yourself, choose invincibility seeker people to be in your life, and apply sexual transmutation with your love partner. When you do this, you will be well on your way to creating and maintaining a beautiful love relationship that stands the test of time.

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