How to Find Security in an Insecure World: Discover the Power of the Security Seekers

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How important is security in your life?  In our topsy turvy and chaotic world, we need safety and security more than ever before. If you’re a Security Seeker personality type, you’re someone who is practical, structured, and schedule-orientated. For you, relationships represent family, tradition, loyalty, and long-term commitment.  On Love University, we learned some valuable tips to help Security Seekers find love and happiness, as follows:

*Your best match in love is a fellow Security Seeker: If you’re single, you can find a compatible Security Seeker by getting involved in groups or activities that cater to family, church (volunteer), the community (neighborhood watch, chamber of commerce), and country (grassroots political organizations). Together, you and your Security Seeker mate can build a stable and secure family life that is rewarding and long-term.

*Develop your spontaneous side. Although you respond well to structure, it’s good to “let your hair down” once in a while and be a little spontaneous. Try a new restaurant or activity; go to work in a different route; change your hair or clothes.  Be a little adventurous to balance out your more cautious and skeptical side.

*Practice self-care:  As a Security Seeker, you like to take care of others and make sure they feel safe and secure. Sometimes, however, you neglect your own well-being to help others. Make sure that you take time for yourself: Exercise, eat healthy, engage in recreational/hobby time; get a massage, facial, spa day or take a “me day (relaxing and doing what you love).” When you rejuvenate yourself, you will feel better, and you will have more to give to others.

Security Seekers are the people who keep our civilization from crumbling to the ground. As a Security Seeker, you are the glue of society; you keep everything running on time, and you make sure that we are comfortable and safe. Celebrate your nature and realize how important you are to yourself and the world. When you do that, you will experience greater joy, happiness, and of course, security.

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