How To Bring More Fun And Excitement Into Your Life: Secrets Of The Excitement Seekers

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Are you the type of person who loves fun, excitement, and adventure? If so, you may be the unique personality known as the Excitement Seeker—someone who is spontaneous and enjoys the sensory pleasures of life. If this sounds like you, then it’s important that you understand how to maximize your personality strengths, as we discussed on our latest edition of Love University Podcast. Here are some tips to upgrade your life in love and success:

*Don’t be too generous too soon.  Because you are usually an optimistic person, you believe that there is “always more where that came from,” whether it’s money, people, resources, time, and the like. As a result, you may be too generous when you first meet someone, especially in a romantic context. You may overgive with presents, time, energy, and attention. It’s a good idea to control your tendency to give too much at the beginning because it may overwhelm people and make them doubt your sincerity. Instead, give in a measured way as you observe how the other person reacts (and reciprocates in return).

*Don’t make promises you can’t keep: Because you’re often excited and enthusiastic when meeting new individuals, you may overstate or exaggerate your ability to do certain things (“I can get you that new job” or “This investment idea will make you millions”). Watch your words carefully and only promise what you can actually deliver so that others will maintain faith and confidence in you.

*Don’t immediately dismiss a “boring” person. You’re the type of person who likes to joke, laugh, and have a lot of fun. When you first meet a new person, you may judge them on your high “fun” standard. However, they may often fall short, especially if they are one of the more serious Introverted types. However, that quiet, “boring” person may be the ideal for you in a romantic relationship, friendship, or business partnership. They could be the Yin to your Yang; the water to your fire—the individual who can bring balance and harmony into your life. Give them the benefit of the doubt and get to know them.

*Focus your energies on one person or goal at a time: As an Excitement Seeker, you may have a tendency to have too many things going at once. You may date several people or get involved in various money-making ventures at the same time—consequently spreading yourself too thin. Instead, concentrate on spending the most time with the person you really like, and working on the project that excites your passion the most. If you do this, you will achieve much better results, and you will be more content in the long run.

If you’re an Excitement Seeker, you have a lot of fun, excitement, pizzazz, and charisma to contribute to the world. When you meet new people, dazzle them with your fun and spontaneous nature, but also make sure you temper your enthusiasm with practicality and prudent observation. When you do that, you will have the best of both worlds—spontaneity and planning, fun and serious intent. Now the world will truly be at your feet.