Would you like to be luckier in life—in your relationships, finances, career, health, and happiness? Luck is something you can change if you develop the openness and receptivity to receive the good things the Universe has to offer you.

Here are some steps to increase your daily luck:

*Maximize Chance Opportunities: Smile, talk to people you don’t know, be open to connecting with others. Who knows? That new person you meet may offer you valuable advice, a contact, or even become a valued friend, associate, or loved one. The lucky person sees every human encounter as an opportunity for connection and growth.

*Look at the Big Picture: Lucky people don’t get bogged down in petty fears or rejections. They stay focused on what they really want: a great love relationship, their dream business, a fulfilling and meaningful life. When they have setbacks, they look at the bright side, learn from the experience, and become stronger and better.

*Listen to Your Intuition. Your gut (known as “Hara” in the East) tells you to stay or leave a relationship, start or finish a career, or make a lifestyle change. Lucky people trust their gut, and wind up making the right decisions because they believe in their higher guidance (spirit, God, nature).

*Do Something Out of the Ordinary: Change up your routine. Go to work in a different route, try a new restaurant or activity, talk to people you would normally never talk to. When you do this, you get out of the rut of the ordinary, and you open your mind up to new possibilities and chance encounters that can change your life for the better.

*Expect Good Fortune: Lucky people are inherently optimists. Although they have a realistic side (and have a back-up plan in case of emergencies and setbacks), they believe that the good in life will always come to them eventually. As a result, they are more motivated, perseverant, and open to helping others and contributing to humanity.

You can get lucky in life. All it takes are a few adjustments in your way of thinking; a new perspective on life. Be open to experiences, maintain your optimistic focus, and realize that you possesses the luckiest thing in the world: Your Life. Be sure to do something amazing with it, every day that you have it.

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