Guytypes Special Edition: Are You A Meaning Seeker? How To Find The Love Of Your Life

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Are you a Meaning Seeker?  A Meaning Seeker is someone who is intuitive and sensitive, and who loves psychology, philosophy, spirituality, the arts, and finding the meaning in life? On our Love University Podcast, GuyTypes special edition, we delved into the romantic and relationship lives of Meaning Seekers. We also learned valuable tips for helping them find (and keep) a compatible romantic partner.

If you’re a Meaning Seeker:

*Your best match is usually a Meaning Seeker:  If you’re Meaning Seeker, your best romantic partner is also Meaning Seeker. Both of you have a lot in common because you see the world through your imagination, intuition, and feeling. As Meaning Seekers, your goal is to fulfill a “life mission” to help the world and leave a lasting legacy for all to see.  To meet a fellow Meaning Seeker, get involved in activities and groups that involve interests in psychology, spirituality, literature, and the arts.

*Be straightforward: Because you don’t want to hurt your partner’s feelings, you may sugarcoat things to avoid conflict.  However, this may not be good for your relationship because you leave important things unsaid. A better approach is to recognize that there are times when you need to be direct and blunt because you need to say something that is important, even though it may be unpleasant and uncomfortable.

*Have a healthy skepticism when dating: Because you tend to be trusting, and even naïve at times (expecting the best from everyone), you may be surprised by deceitful, manipulative, and toxic dating partners. Therefore, when you’re getting to know a new romantic partner, it’s a good idea to ask yourself: “Is their behavior matching their words? Can I trust this person?”

*Always maintain your authenticity: Because you are a unique type—only 19.2% of females and 13.5% of males—you may try to compromise your nature to fit in and be liked. Avoid doing that. Instead, strive to express the way you really feel—your authentic nature. When you are true to yourself, you will naturally attract the right person who resonates with your style.

As a Meaning Seeker, you have a lot of wonderful qualities to offer a mate: empathy, compassion, intuition, and feeling, among other things. You are the type of person who can inspire your partner to great heights of success, love, and happiness, as you experience those things for yourself as well. Although you may be disappointed when you can’t seem to find someone who matches your lofty values and preferences, rest assured that you will eventually meet your ideal Meaning Seeker soul mate. All you have to do is be authentic and extend your loving energy to the world without expectations. When you do this, the right person will come into your life. Here’s to love.