Find Your Soul Mate at the Dating Masquerade                                                  by Dr. Alex Avila 

The Dating Masquerade you’ve been waiting for is finally arriving.

Join OC’s most eligible singles on Valentine’s Day, February 14th, 7PM at Decades in Anaheim for the social and romantic networking of the year, hosted by Dr. Alex Avila, creator of Love University and bestselling author and psychologist.

As you walk into “Decades,” OC’s hottest nightspot, you will receive a colored mask that represents your LoveType, or unique romantic personality style. Next, you will mingle and party with fun and sexy singles—getting a chance to possibly find your compatible soul mate. Then, spend the rest of the night dining, drinking, and dancing with your new friends and potential romantic match.

LoveTypes is based on over 20 years of compatibility matching (and 40 million Internet followers) based on the theory behind the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, the most popular personality test in the world.  Discover your own LoveType, then meet your ideal compatible partner.

Here are the 16 LoveTypes (Which one are you? To find out take your Free LoveType quiz at

INFP: Idealistic Philosopher: “Love is the perfect place: quiet, peaceful and kind.” 

INFJ: Mystic Writer: "Love is in my mind, heart, and soul." 

ENFP: Social Philosopher: "Love is mysterious, inspiring, and fun." 

ENFJ: Growth Teacher: "Love is being consumed by my loved one." 

INTP: Scholar: "Love is just another idea." 

INTJ: Expert: "Love can be analyzed and perfected.”." 

ENTP: Innovator: "I invent love in my mind first." 

ENTJ: General: "Love is enhanced by power, influence, and achievement." 

ISFJ: Caretaker: "Love is a goal worth sacrificing for." 

ISTJ: Administrator: “Love is based on duty and responsibility.” 

ESFJ: Dutiful Host: ”Love is based on serving others.” 

ESTJ: Traditionalist: "Love is grounded on the rock-solid values of family, tradition, and loyalty." 

ISFP: Gentle Artist: "Love is gentleness, nature, and devotion." 

ISTP: Craftsperson: "Love is action." 

ESFP: Performer: "Love is savoring and reveling in the passions of now." 

ESTP: Wheeler-Dealer: "Love should always be exciting and stimulating."

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