Do The Impossible: Be A Full Potential Person And Achieve Your Dreams.


Would you like to be a full potential person?  A full potential person is someone who maximizes their abilities and achieves their dreams.  Maslow called it being self-actualized, being at the peak of your self-development and fully realizing your potential. You can go as far as you want in life by becoming a Full Potential Person—someone who is authentic, powerful, and loving. Here’s what we learned about becoming a Full Potential Person on our recent Podcast:

Follow Your Hara:  In the martial arts, the Hara is the physical point two inches below the navel that is the center of balance, power, and intuition. When you focus on your Hara, you are tapping into your gut instinct, the part of you that knows what is right and true. When you’re faced with a difficult decision, close your eyes, breath deeply, and focus on the point two inches below your navel. Ask the Hara: What should I do?  As your intuition becomes clearer, you will receive the right answer—now follow your gut.

Embrace the Unknown:  When your Hara tells you to do something different, take a risk and do it. Talk to a new person, go to a different place, or try a new look or hobby.  You never know what good will come of a new opportunity, a new opening in the door of life.  When you talk to a new person, you don’t know where the conversation will lead you—maybe you will discover an interesting acquaintance or friend, or perhaps even a great business or romantic partner. Be open to trying new things and you will reap many benefits.

Build your “Zone of Excellence”:   Have you ever been immersed in an activity you love, and you lost track of time and your worries? Everything felt natural and easy. This ultimate mental state is known as the “Zone of Excellence.”  When you’re in the Zone of Excellence, you lose your self-conscious concerns, and you become one with the activity or circumstance you’re experiencing. To develop this Zone, you can begin by building up small moments of excellence; you can break down big goals into smaller tasks that you can accomplish and feel good about.  For example, if you want to start a physical fitness program, you can begin by exercising a brief amount of time, perhaps 15-20 minutes at first. As you feel stronger and gather more momentum, you will gradually increase the time you spend exercising (thirty minutes, one hour).  Soon, you will find yourself in the Zone of Excellence—that marvelous place of mind where you do everything  with authenticity, confidence, and love.

Yes, you can become a Full Potential Person who makes your dreams come true.  All you have to do is follow your Hara,  embrace the unknown, and build your zone of excellence. When you do this, you will flow naturally with the rhythms of life. You will achieve your highest level of being and joy every moment of every day.