For some people the word "Courage" is the stuff of legends. Astounding physical feats of bravery (the movie "Braveheart") comes to mind, great rescue attempts and stories of gritty survivals, such as the coal miners in Chile. 

Yet, courage today also represents emotional and psychological overcoming of fear:  Going for what you really want in life, saying "I love you" to those you care about, saying "No" to bullies.

When you have courage, you live with power, have more love, and are happier and more successful. 

In today's podcast, you will learn the secrets of Courage: 

  1. 1. DO YOUR RESEARCH: Get comfortable with the anxiety-producing situation. Drive to the job interview location; practice your speech with supportive friends.
  2. STEP OUT OF COMFORT ZONE: Do something different: Try that exotic restaurant you’ve been anxious about trying; say “Hello” to the person you want to meet.
  3. SEE CHALLENGE AS FUN: See the pressure situation as a way to learn and grow—enjoy yourself.
  4. BUILD COURAGE SUPPORT NETWORKS: Associate with confident, positive, loving, and courageous people. Find a Courage Mentor (from history or present time) and emulate them.
  5. THINK OF HOW YOU CAN GIVE: Think of the people who will benefit from your intelligent risk-taking (starting a family or business, switching to a new career).
  6. HAVE A COURAGE BURST: Think that you will be insanely courageous for only 30 seconds: apologize to a friend, ask an attractive person out for coffee, tell someone you love them. It’s only 30 seconds—you can do it.
  7. BUILD YOUR COURAGE MUSCLES DAILY: Take a small social and emotional risk every day (say “No” to what you don’t want, ask for what you want, negotiate something).

By the way, social courage is an important element of courage: extending yourself socially; meeting new people, fostering your existing relationships with honesty and loving energy.

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It’s a very simple formula once you think about it: Develop courage and achieve your dreams.