Charisma Power: Unlock Your Hidden Potential To Shine In Any Social Situation


Would you like to be irresistibly persuasive and appealing to others? You can develop more charisma—compelling attractiveness and charm—by following the principles we discussed on our recent Love University Podcast. With charisma, you generate confidence, goodwill, and trust. With charisma, you can overcome obstacles and attract the right people and circumstances into your life. Here’s what you need to do.

*Be Authentic. A charismatic person is genuine and authentic. Be true to yourself and express your real opinions instead of pretending to be someone you’re not just to impress others. Keep a notebook or pad in which you write down your daily interactions with others. Record the times you felt confident and authentic, and also when you felt insecure and fake. Then, strive to duplicate those scenarios in which you felt authentic and in control; charming and attractive. Maybe you feel more confident having technological discussions in certain chat rooms. Or, you may feel confident when you’re in religious/spiritual settings with likes-minded people of faith. Strive to reproduce as many confident and authentic moments so you can lock in the mental image of yourself as a powerful and genuine individual.

*Accentuate Your Similarities. It’s true that we tend to like people who share similar interests, perspectives, values, and goals. Therefore, when you talk to someone, it’s a good idea to focus on your similarities. Maybe you both lived in the same city before, went to the same school, or enjoy the same food or hobby. Ask questions and seek to establish conversational common ground. The key to this approach is to be sincere. Don’t pretend to like something just because you want the other person to like you. Genuinely find things that both of you have in common—sports, politics, spirituality/religion, hobbies, world events, values, or life perspective. When you share commonalities in attitudes and preferences with others, you will have a delightful conversation that can blossom into a nice friendship.

*Be generous. Genuinely charismatic individuals focus on the benefits they can offer to others—how they can help, serve, and give. Although they give freely, they are also aware of the universal law that the more positivity they put out into the world, the more they will receive in return. As a blossoming charismatic person, you also understand that generosity is not just about giving money to others. You can also be generous with your time, energy and emotional resources (being an empathetic listener). When you do this, others will appreciate your investment in them. They will tend to reciprocate and offer you something of value in return. However, even if a particular person doesn’t return your generosity, there’s a good likelihood that you will receive an equivalent benefit from someone else. It’s true that the Universe rewards the giver over time.

The good news is that you can be a charismatic person who attracts, persuades, influences, and contributes to the lives of others. Focus this week on being authentic, accentuating your similarities with others, and being generous. By doing this, you will tap into your natural charm and confidence, and you will be happier, have better relationships, and achieve more success than ever before. Charisma can be your superpower to help you achieve your dreams and help others achieve theirs. Begin your charisma program today.