Be as fit as you want to be: with master trainer Brittany Noelle, on how to build your lasting body temple

Would you like to be healthy and get in the best shape of your life. Your body can be a dungeon or a temple depending on how well you take care of it. Now you can be as fit as you want to be with the help of our guest on Love University, Master Trainer, Brittany Noelle. We learned some of the secrets of great health and fitness from her appearance on the show. As 2020 rolls around, here are some tips to help you be your best self, mind and body:

*Practice Mindful Eating:  Be aware of when and why you’re eating—are you really hungry, or are you eating emotionally (sad, bored, angry)? Rate your hunger level on a scale of 1-10 (1 is very hungry; 10 is not hungry). Your goal is to eat when you are a 3 and under and stop eating when you hit an 8. In this way, you will control your caloric intake and lose the weight you need to lose.

*Do Fitness That Fits You:  Don’t just look a recipe or exercise program online and copy it because it seems interesting or appealing. Find out what motivates you; perhaps, it’s weightlifting, dance, or martial arts. When you do an exercise you enjoy, you are more likely to continue doing it and get in better shape.

*Choose Your Initial Best Route: Exercise or Diet:  Ideally you would both exercise and maintain a healthy diet. But sometimes we get overwhelmed and tend to overcommit to our exercise and diet regimen—we try to do too much and then get frustrated and give up.  The better approach is to initially choose to either work on your diet or your exercise. For example, you can start by eating less of your favorite junk food (pizza) and more healthy food (salad), or by exercising a couple of times per week for 15-20 minutes at a time. As you get more fit and feel good about it, you can combine (and increase) your exercise and diet program.

Reward Yourself: Give yourself a reward whenever you hit an exercise goal (a certain amount of weight lifted or aerobic time) or diet milestone (cut down on fatty foods; increase vegetables). Maybe you will buy yourself a new outfit, get a new CD, book, or DVD, or treat yourself to a massage or social outing. When you reinforce yourself for reaching your exercise and diet goals, you will feel motivated to continue setting even higher goals for yourself.

*Find an Accountability Fitness Partner:  Find a workout or diet buddy, or just have someone you can report to about your daily exercise and diet milestones. Doing so will help you achieve better results.  When you have someone who is cheering on your fitness success, and keeping you accountable when you slip, you will have a good support system to keep you moving toward your ideal body and health.

Yes, it is possible to get into great shape and live a healthy lifestyle, no matter how much you have failed to do so in the past.  Forgive yourself for any past diet and exercise setbacks, and decide that you will move forward to achieve your ideal body and health. Decide to make 2020 the year that you will lose the weight you want to lose, get in the best shape possible, and enjoy your healthiest and happiest year yet.