How to Ruthlessly Promote the Causes of Love, Joy, and Success: with Special Guest, Bernadette Giacomazzo, Publicist for 50 cent/G-Unit Label, Acclaimed Author, and Digital Gangster

By Dr. Alex Avila

If you had a gigantic magic wand that could give you anything you wanted, what would you suddenly change in your life and the world?  Perhaps, you would create more love, joy, and peace. Or, you would materialize more success, prosperity, and goodwill.  Now, you can use your mental magic wand to achieve what you desire. All you have to do is follow a few steps given to us by our special guest on Love University: Bernandette Giacomazzo, publicist extraordinaire, author, music journalist, and digital content queen.  Here are some of the secrets to help you accomplish your greatest mission in life:

*Recognize that what unites us is greater than what divides us.  In times of turmoil, it’s important to remind ourselves that we and our fellow humans have more in common than we have differences. We all seek love, want to take care of our families, enjoy life, make a contribution, and leave behind something of value. Although we also have worries, fears, regrets, sadness, and suffer losses, as humans we can unite to help each other during troubled times and uplift one  another in a family of humanhood. Start today by thinking of how you can connect with others based on similarities. Talk to someone from a different background—find out what you have in common and develop a friendship based on mutual interests. Get involved in charitable and humanitarian ventures in which you help the disadvantaged and make like-minded friends who also share a desire to help the world. The more people you connect with others based on  deep core values, the stronger relationships you will have and the more you will feel like you are part of a great genuine human family of love and caring.

*Control technology, don’t let it control you. Like anything else that brings pleasure, technology can be an addiction. The problem with an addiction—whether it’s based on substance, relationships, food, or technology—is that once you are hooked, you now have two problems. You have the original problem that drove you toward the addiction, and now you have the problem of addiction. The key is to see technology—cell phones, internet, devices—as simply tools, blank slates that you can use anyway you like.  Use technology to help, create, and connect, instead of wasting your time with gossip, social comparison, and dwelling on negative news. Decide that your mental freedom is more important than any temporary technology thrill, and apportion your life accordingly.  One way to do this is to take a technology fast—turn off your devices for a certain period of time (one hour, several hours, all day).  Then, do something different: spend time with your love partner, play with your children or animals, take a walk in nature, engage in a spiritual or creative process; engage in a hobby you enjoy.  Your goal is to establish a new connection with your true, authentic self, and release the energy and passion that comes from doing what you love to do. Now, when you go back to your technology, you will be refreshed and ready to take on the world—confident in your knowledge that you have mastery over your mind and nothing can get in the way of your true passion and authenticity.

*Speak the universal language of love.  At the end of the day, our greatest desire is to give and receive love, whether it’s from our loved partner, family, work, friends, or higher power. When you start your day, plant this idea in your mind:  “I will make love the basis of everything I do—from sunrise to sunset.”   With this mindset, you will love what you do for work (or you will find work you love).  You will love your children, love partner, animals, nature, friends, neighbors, and higher power. You will love to take care of your home—cleaning and organizing it—and love to prepare healthy meals that improve your health and nourish you (and your loved ones). Always remember that love is the essential ingredient that makes food taste better, relationships more enriching, work more joyous, and contributing and helping society so magnificent.  On a daily basis, seek to extend loving energy without expectation: Smile, give sincere compliments, listen attentively, and give practical and emotional advice when needed. Do all of this without expecting anything back from others.  You extend loving energy because that is who you are inside, not because of any results you want to obtain or approval you want to gain. As you give out this pure, unfiltered love, you will become a stronger and more united human being and you will see that your love is often given back to you by the universe—in often mysterious and unexpected ways (you help a stranger who becomes a dear friend). In the end, you think with love, speak with love, act with love, and dream with love. There is nothing else that exists in you.

Yes, you can ruthlessly promote the causes of love, joy, and success.  While some people push the agenda of negativity, greed, selfishness, and criticism, you will be different. You will speak the universal language of love, unite with other like-minded humans, and master the things that pull you away from your true authenticity. In the end, you will achieve your highest potential, and you will be a warrior for love, peace, and genuine, lasting contribution.