Are You Born To Win? How To Mastermind Your Dream Business And Reach Your Money And Life Goals, With Special Guest, Amber Lilyestrom, Marketing Dream Guru And Mamapreneur

Are you born to win? Although you may have your doubts at times, the answer from the Universe is a resounding “Yes.”  As a soul in the human container known as a body, you have been given certain gifts by virtue of being a child of the Higher Nature (God/spirit/nature).  Your “brand”—your unique mission statement—is your sacred opportunity to intersect with the people you care about and to express your authentic nature.  On Love University (,, we had the pleasure of welcoming Amber Lilyestrom, Marketing Dream Guru and Mamapreneur ( as she shared her secrets for finding your soul’s calling and creating success in your money, business, and personal life. Let’s take a look at some of her insights:

*Find your soul’s purpose in the space between.  While delivering her child, Amber had a near death experience—she couldn’t breathe. She left her body momentarily and saw her loved ones gathered around. When she surrendered to her Higher Nature, she came back into her body and asked herself the question: What would I want to hear at my eulogy—on the day of my funeral? She realized that “Sports marketer” was not enough.  She wanted to be an inspirer, dream creator, visionary author and speaker, as well as a mother and family woman. In the same way, ask yourself what you want to hear at your eulogy and what would be said now if you died today.  If you are not happy with where your life is now, decide to change today.  Change careers, start a business, find true love, travel, help humanity. Instead of struggling and chasing to live a life that does not reflect your soul’s purpose, relax, slow down, and meditate; find your big vision in the space between your efforts. By taking a self-inventory with the eulogy exercise, you will be surprised at the clarity you can gain about your life mission and what you want to accomplish while you are still alive in your body.

*Master your money mind.  Your money mind is a conglomeration of all the thoughts and feelings you have ever had about money, wealth, and prosperity.  You may have inherited negative money messages from your parents, peers, or teachers while growing up:  “Money doesn’t grow on trees,” “Too little money, too much work,” or “It’s too expensive.”  By incorporating the negative money voices of others into your mind, you may develop a “poverty mentality” in which you fear that you will never have enough money in life, and you and money will never get along. Or, you could develop an obsession or worship of money in which you think that money will solve all your problems (it won’t).   The right approach is to develop a “wealth mentality”—to recognize all of the abundance of resources in the universe, including money, love, creativity, health, and goodwill. At the same time, you can decide to have a creative, instead of a competitive mindset, in which you realize that all of us have unique talents and abilities, and there is enough money and resources to go around for everyone. All you need to do is find your unique niche in the world, your creativity and talent, and expand it—do what you love to do and the money and resources will come to you in abundance and ever-growing quantities. Then, use that money and resources to help yourself, your family, and your community—making the world a better and more loving place along the way.

*Try softer. Many times, we struggle, chase, and work too hard.  You may be the type of person who is known as a perfectionist or workaholic—always trying to cram even more into an ever- decreasing day. Or, you may be someone who feels lethargic and unmotivated—you tried before to succeed in finances, career, and love, but you failed. Now you feel there is no use in trying anymore because you have only tasted failure, frustration, and rejection in the past. The good news is that there is a middle way—a path of balance—known as “effortless effort.” Recognized in Eastern approaches as “going with the flow” or “uniting with the energy force (Ki or Chi energy), effortless effort means that you will exert effort toward your goal but you will not be attached to your goal.  Instead of chasing and struggling toward certain goals, you will relax and stop trying so hard. You will pray, meditate, and think about your Higher Nature—God, nature, spirit—and ask your Higher Nature to guide you toward the right direction in your life, in the areas of finances, career, relationships, health, and lifestyle.  Just like the lilies of the field who are beautifully clothed but don’t think about their life, you will relax and accept the goodness, love, and peace that the Higher Nature has to offer you—naturally and without strain and effort. You will still work diligently and have discipline to achieve your objectives, but you will no longer worry and fret about the outcome. With your new relaxed, yet focused mindset, you will attract many of the wonderful blessings you desire, including lasting love with a soul mate, family and children, loyal friends, a great career, abundance in finances and resources, and wonderful life experiences.  The world is yours when you relax into the true power of your Higher Nature.

*Extend loving energy without expectation.  We live in a world of fear, doubt, and “What if.” On a daily basis, we are bombarded with negative news that start with phrases such as “What if (something terrible or bad happened)—the result is that our nerves are on edge and we are fearful for our future and the future of our children and their children.  In this world of fear, we have an antidote: it is called Loving Energy without expectation.  To love without expecting anything in return is the most powerful force in the Universe. It has been called many things by different traditions:  Agape (unconditional love), Bhakti (devotion), and Karuna (compassion). When you give love without expecting anything back, you are acting like the Higher Nature—the loving and powerful protector of the Universe.  The Higher Nature loves you because you are its creation—and that is all—you don’t have to prove your worth or do anything to earn your place on this earth. In the same way, you can extend loving energy to others without expectation on a daily basis. Smile, say “Hi,” give someone a sincere compliment. Listen empathetically to someone who is hurting.  Help a friend with a practical problem. Open the door for someone; help an elderly person cross the street;  give to charity; volunteer to help the needy and disadvantaged.  The key is that when you help others, you won’t expect anything in return—not even a smile or thank you. You give love because you are love—this love is the natural force that is already inside you and expands itself outwardly. When you extend loving energy without expectation, you will heal yourself, others, and the planet, and you will receive more love in return. In this way, the loving energy becomes an always-expanding cycle that continues even beyond your life on earth.

Yes, you were born for this. “This” means your ability to love, grow, learn, teach, experience, help, and create. You were born for your dream business or career, for your loving soul mate, family, and friends; for your health, prosperity, and happiness. As Amber says, you need to awaken to your soul’s calling and activate your talents for the good of the world.  When you do this, you will have momentum (moving forward), magnetism (attracting everything you need) and mastery over your own mind (no more fear and worry). You can create magic in the world because you are the magic that makes fear and problems disappear, and makes love and happiness miraculously appear in your life forevermore.