Activate your mind of a champion: Live with full commitment and contentment

Would you like to be a champion in life and achieve your dreams? New findings in psychology can help you accomplish your goals and realize your full potential. Here are some things you can do to live like a champion—someone who wins at life and excel in your personal happiness.

     *Follow Your Clear Personal Vision Daily: To be a psychological champion, you need to find a strong focus, a purpose that gives you meaning.  Perhaps, you want to teach, entertain, create, invent, grow a business, or take care of others, including your family. Whatever drives you in life should be at the forefront of your daily activities. Keep a journal in which you write down the things you do each day and how each of those things brings you closer (or don’t) to the one focus or driving purpose (mission) in your life.  

    *Tap into Your Multiple IQs: Each person has different types of intelligence they can draw from. You can draw from your analytical intelligence when you want to solve a problem, your emotional intelligence when you are dealing with emotions and relationships, and your spiritual (or LoveQ) intelligence when you are answering higher questions such as the meaning in life.  Being aware of your different intelligences and developing them is an important part of becoming a mental champion.

 *Develop A Growth Mindset: If you have a growth mindset, you are always seeking to learn and grow. If you have a fixed mindset,  you set limits on yourself and what you can accomplish—you focus more on the prize (money, accolades) than the learning experience. People who value wisdom over external gains often acquire both because they place the most important (inner development) thing first.

*Instill If-Then Statements into Your Mind: Mental Champions use If-Then Statements when things get tough. When they face challenges, they provide themselves with a mental solution. They say to themselves things like: “If I doubt my abilities, I will think of my skills and successes.”  These internal statements become triggers for them to get back on track when their resilience is running low.

*Associate with Like-Minded Champions:  The people who surround you often affect you psychologically—for good or bad.  Associate with people who are positive, kind-hearted, and who have a driving mission in life, and you will build a mastermind team to help each other achieve your goals in life.  Grow together with like-minded champions mental champions, and you will have great people beside you to spur you forward to greatness.

*Consider Each Non-Success as a Stepping Stone to Greatness:  Instead of calling something that didn’t work out, “A failure,” call it a “Non-Success.” You haven’t succeeded yet—at finding a soul mate, having the business or career your desire, enjoying the lifestyle you want—but you are on the right track if you learn from each Non-Success. Instead of feeling weak or deprived, consider each “No,” from life as one more step to hearing the beautiful word called “Yes. “

*Remember that Eternity is a Long Time:  We often take our life for granted, thinking we will live forever. We don’t.  Knowing that life is finite is one of the most powerful and beautiful pieces of knowledge you can have because it gives you the motivation to live your life to the fullest.  Go for that unbelievable goal, that “unrealistic dream.”  It is only unrealistic until you obtain it—then it becomes a tremendous feeling of satisfaction and contentment.

You can become a Mental Champion. Begin today by following the steps just described, and decide that you will leave behind a legacy of goodness, love, and contribution.  For more on how to have the Mind of a Champion, listen to our podcast: ACTIVATE YOUR MIND OF A CHAMPION: