You can move mountains: achieve your dreams no matter what

Would you like to achieve your dreams no matter what stands in your way? Now, there’s a way to do that by using psychological proven ways to achieve excellence, success, and sustained joy. No matter what obstacles and problems you may be facing in life, you can overcome them to reach your deepest dreams.

Apply these techniques of sustained excellence and notice the changes in your life:

*Summarize Your Life Vision in 6 Words:  Don’t wait until you are dead to summarize your life purpose.  Practice distilling your life vision or mission—what you want out of life—into six words or so: “To Love Without Expectation.” “Best Parent in the World.” “Leaving a Legacy of Smiles.” Although it may seem difficult at first to boil yourself down to a few words, it’s an important way to focus your energies while you’re on earth. Instead of getting caught up in petty setbacks, arguments, or problems, always keep your eye on your higher mission and purpose for being alive. This will motivate you and protect you from the hindrances and negativities of life as you achieve the mission you were destined for. 

*Use Scarcity and Negative Emotions as a Positive Fuel for Growth:  If you lack something—money, relationships, health, happiness—use that missing ingredient as a motivating force to propel you to growth and excellence. Many of our great inventions and discoveries have resulted when frustrated and upset people used that energy to come up with solutions to real human needs. Don’t try to drown your negative feelings with temporary distractions (food, drink, entertainment, social times). Instead, fully examine the negative feelings from your failures and setbacks and write down the things that frustrate,  annoy, or disappoint you—brainstorm ways for fixing them. Then, after an emotional cooling down period, analyze the best approach or solution to the problem/need solution and apply it. Maybe, you come up with a new business, a way to invigorate your social/romantic life, a new health regimen. Whatever you discover, realize that it came from an initial need or scarcity that you turned into a solution.

*Find Meaning in the Mistake:    A job interviewee wasn’t prepared and didn’t get the job. Later, they realized that they had sabotaged themselves because they really didn’t  feel worthy of getting the job, even though they had the ability. This insight spurred them to implant the idea in their mind that they deserved a great career and would prepare thoroughly for their next interview as if they were the best candidate alive. In the same way, write down the lesson in a setback or “failure” you experienced. Maybe you were too hasty in that business deal; you trusted a person you shouldn’t have trusted, or you waited too long to talk to the person you were romantically interested in. Whatever lesson you learned, write it down and apply it to the next opportunity you have so you don’t repeat the same mistake.

*Practice the Art or Right Association:  It is well known that we often become like the people we most associate with, whether for good or bad.  Therefore, strive to associate with psychological healthy and upwardly striving people who want to make a positive difference in the world. These are the nonjudgmental friends who listen to you empathetically and give you the space to grieve, learn, and grow. The more you associate with individuals of a higher nature (psychologically and spiritually), the more you will raise your level as you contribute to their lives and they contribute to yours.

*If You Take 2 Steps Forward and One Step Backward, You Are Still Making Progress:  We are often too hard on ourselves when we make a mistake. We chastise ourselves and drown in regret: “I should have done better. I’m a failure/loser, etc.” The solution is to give yourself the space to occasionally go back—on your diet, discipline, regimen. As long as you recover and keep moving forward, you will be OK. On the other hand, if you get emotionally stuck in your failure or setback, you may be tempted to give up because it seems like too much for you to overcome.  Forgive yourself, be self-compassionate, and realize that, no matter what happens, you can still keep taking the right steps to grow and reach your best self.

*Expand Your Positive Ki Energy Daily: In the east, life energy is known as “Ki” or “Chi.” We can either extend/expand our Ki energy (smiling, giving to others, being creative) or we can withdraw/contact it (self-absorbed, “poor me mentality, feeling futile). Every day, decide that you will extend and expand your positive and loving energy. You will smile at others, be kind to them, help them with their problems, listen attentively—you will do this even if you don’t feel like it.  Think of extending your positive energy as a positive discipline or habit you are developing—like working out at the gym. The more you do it, the easier it will become, and the more the activity will reinforce (reward) you to keep doing it even more. When you extend your positive energy outward into the universe, the results will be astounding—you will feel more joyful and the world will often reciprocate good things in your favor.

Yes, it is possible to move psychological mountains and achieve your dreams.  You can develop positive qualities such as faith, optimism, gratitude, hope, and higher will (God/nature). Soon, you will no longer think about Love, Success, and Happiness. You will be Love, Success, and Happiness, and everything else you need to fuel your existence on earth and make this a better place for yourself and others.