Why Can’t I Find Somebody to Love? and Other Mysteries of Life Revealed



 Sometimes life gets you down and you don’t know what to do about it. Perhaps, you keep hitting your head against the wall in your relationships, finances, health, career, or spirituality. You feel frustrated, regretful, and futile.  Now, there is hope. On Love University, we answered some of your most pressing questions about love, success, and happiness, and we offered some powerful solutions to your unsolvable problems. Here is we what we learned:

*Why can’t I find anyone to love?  The key is to master loneliness within, and then you will not crave love and companionship in a yearning state. You will be content within yourself first. While in this state of contentment, you will attract the exact nature of what you are in another human being: happy, loving, and fulfilled.

*How do I banish loneliness? Loneliness exists only because you are separated from your true nature, your Invincible Mind. This separation urges you to strive toward self-unity. To unify yourself in an authentic manner, you need to find the practices and activities that nurture you and fill you with love and gratitude. Perhaps, you love the arts, nature, exercise, a spiritual/meditative practice, or time spent with loved ones. Whatever you are passionate about, make sure you do it on a regular basis. Find your Invincible self, and you will lose loneliness, once and for all.

*How can I be consistently happy?   The secret to happiness is to be like the sun. Think about it: The sun shines its warmth on everyone, even if they don’t like the sun and cover up to avoid its rays (others love the sun and will lie out). In the same way, spread your positive energy to other people, without expectation. Smile at others, pay them sincere compliments, listen attentively, and help them with advice or practical matters. You will do this without expecting anything in return—not a smile, thank you, or even any type of acknowledgement. You are loving simply because that is your nature, just like the sun gives warmth because that is its nature. When you are like the sun, you will never have to worry about whether you are happy or not. You will simply shine your loving energy, your happiness—everywhere and always.

Yes, you can be happy, loving, powerful, and free. You simply need to reduce your Self-Defeating Mind, increase your Invincible Mind, and Be Like the Sun—extend your loving energy without expectation. When you do these things, your days will be cheery, and your future will be bright. You will be Invincible.

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