The Power of Positive Karma: Attracting the Results You Want

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Would you like to attract the results you want and achieve your dreams? The secret is creating good Karma—putting good energy out into the world so you can receive it in return. When you do good in the world, emanating kindness, compassion, and caring, you create a whirlwind of positive energy that can create positive results in your career, finances, relationships, health, and happiness. Here are some tips to increase your positive Karma and receive great benefits in return:

* Do a 5 minute favor:  Open a door, smile, compliment someone, listen attentively to someone who is hurting. Let someone get in front of you while driving, give up your seat or parking space, pick up some litter. Do little things that can lighten people’s load in life and put a smile on their face. When you create bonds of cherry affinity with others, you will find that you also receive help when you need it.

Increase your value:  In your career or business, strive to give more than you are paid for.  Exceed expectations, and the result will often be a positive response from those you serve, as well as increased profits and economic gain.

Fill your mind with success:  Listen to self-empowerment podcasts or watch self-growth YouTube videos. Read self-help books and spend time with people who inspire you. Resonate with positive energy and you will find that your environment will become bright as well.

Have a peace day: Resolve that you won’t get into arguments or conflicts on this special day. You won’t be attuned to negative news items or gossip, and you will focus on keeping your mind clear and peaceful. You will see how this peaceful attitude can become a habit that you want to practice on a daily basis.

Exude gratitude:  Focus on the things that are in your favor—your loved ones, special talents and attributes, and joys in life. Remind yourself of all the blessings you have experienced and everything you are grateful for. Write them down; share them with people you care about. The more grateful you are, you more you will attract positive results into your life.