Live from Miami book fair: book of the year author Pedro Cabiya: How to marry the most beautiful woman in the world and be addicted to kindness

We had a wonderful time interviewing Book of the Year acclaimed author, Pedro Cabiya (Historias tremendas, Wicked Weeds, Tercer Mundo). Pedro, originally from Puerto Rico, and now living in Dominican Republic, brightened Love University with his advice on love, life, and literature.

Here are some nuggets we learned from our time with Pedro: 

*How Do You Marry the Most Beautiful Man or Woman in the World?  Find someone whose rose-colored glasses matches your own: Someone who thinks you’re the most beautiful and wonderful person in the world, just as you think the same about them. Also, look for the beauty in the heart of the person—even more than their physical nature—because that is what stands the test of time.

*Be Addicted to Kindness:  Pedro says that he has one fatal flaw: He will do anything for kind-hearted people. He says, “We all have love inside; the more we express it, the more it comes back.” In the same way, you can focus on being kind-hearted—generous, patient, and loving—toward others.  Every day, smile, give advice, try to help people. You will see your kind-heartedness reflected into the world and it will be returned to you by meeting other kind-hearted people. Unlike other addictions, being addicted to kindheartedness makes your grow, prosper, and live joyfully.

*Find the Angels on Earth and Be With Them:  Pedro writes fantasy as well as satire that incorporates spiritual elements. Although there may be dark forces on earth, there are also angels (healing and loving beings) in the persona of human beings. Strive to associate with those type of individuals who want to make a loving impact on the world, and you will start to absorb their positive energies.

*Do What You Love Daily: In one of Pedro’s classic books, a human is walking around like a zombie—cut off from feelings and desires. In modern society this happens too much—people go through the motions of living without really living. The antidote: Realize that you have a certain limited amount of time in your life to express your talent and gifts for your good and the good of others. If you’re a writer, strive to write as much as you can in a certain allotted time each day. Do the same for whatever hobby, passion, or interest inspires you. If you want to be a great parent or spouse, strive to spend quality time with your loved ones each day—tell them that you love them. Remember, every day counts, every minute counts, as long as you have the precious gift called life.

Yes, you can marry the most beautiful (inside their heart) person on earth, find kindness and love, and express your truest creative talents. All it takes is desire, persistence, and loving energy.