By Dr. Alex Avila, Now on Air: Click here to listen

This week’s podcast, Loving-Kindness and Compassion, is one of my favorites. When we are kind and loving to others, we benefit in many ways based on research studies:

  1. We feel better about ourselves
  2. We are healthier and live longer.
  3. We get along better with others.
  4. We are more productive at work, and
  5. We are much happier.

To be compassionate means to help relieve the suffering of others. We start by being compassionate with ourselves, loving ourselves and forgiving ourselves for any mistakes or errors we have made. Once we do this, we can direct our compassion outwardly to others.

Here are ways to exercise your compassion muscles on a daily basis:

*Practice daily gratitude: Think of the things you are grateful for. 

*See Kindness as a strength: Be firm when you need to be, but don’t be afraid to be kind to others. 

*Recognize the commonalities between yourself and others: We all want to increase our happiness and reduce our suffering. 

*Practice empathy: Put yourself in the shoes of others. 

*Give as if you are the receiver: Imagine that you are receiving the gift you are giving—with joy and gratitude. 

*Go out and help those who are hurting and lonely: Help the wounded, listen attentively to someone, give practical help.

If you practice compassion regularly, you will be on your way to a joy-filled existence.

To learn more, click here to listen to the podcast: LOVING-KINDNESS AND COMPASSION: YOUR ROUTE TO A JOY-FILLED EXISTENCE