Love Q: The New Intelligence That Will Transform Your Life

Are you smart? Book smart, people smart, or street smart? Maybe, you have one or more of these types of intelligence.

Now there’s a new form of intelligence called LoveQ (Love IQ), or Love Intelligence. Love Q. is not just about love in romantic or personal relationships; it is a form of higher intelligence that contains elevated psychological and spiritual elements, such as patience, compassion, empathy, and gentleness.  These are characteristics we don’t learn in school, but that can make a great impact on your level of success and happiness in life.  When your LoveQ is high, everything in your life is easier and brighter: Your relationships, career, finances, health, and personal well-being.

Let’s take look at some of the elements of LoveQ so you can rate yourself on a scale of 0 to 100 (100 being maximum LoveQ).

Patience:  How patient are you? Can you wait in a long line without wishing you were elsewhere? Can you get stuck in traffic and use your time wisely (thinking or listening to something interesting and thought-provoking?) The more patient you are, the more focused you will be on what you need to accomplish while maintaining a sense of peace and satisfaction, no matter how slow things seem to move.

Empathy: Are you able to put yourselves in the shoes of others, and feel as they feel? This is one of the great skills of successful communicators, persuaders, and influencers. It is also a crucial skill in your love relationship. When your honey comes home from work after a long day at work, you can say, “I see that you’re tired: I’m making a nice hot tub for you so you can relax.”  They will love you for being empathetic to their needs, and you will feel more inward generated love for them because you exercised your empathy skills.

Compassion:  Do you have a desire to relieve the suffering of others?  Maybe you already do that, and you ask, “Who relieves my suffering? I help people all the time and they don’t give back.” The power of compassion is that you extend loving energy to others without expectation. You help a friend with money, advice, or a practical task (cleaning their home). You listen to them when they are depressed. The key is not to expect anything back from them—not even a “Thank you.” When you do that, you liberate yourself from the frustrating and resentful feeling that others/life are not giving you what you want.  Ironically, the more you extend your positive energy outwardly, the more the Universe will conspire on your behalf to bring you the desires of your heart.

These are just a few elements of LoveQ—the new intelligence that can transform your life and the lives of those around you. In future posts, we will examine other elements of LoveQ and discuss how you can raise your Love Intelligence so you can be the most productive, powerful, loving, and happy person you can possibly be.

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