Is life getting you down? Too many worries, too many bills, too many problems.

If so, then it’s time to Laugh Your Way to Success. New proven methods of humor and laughter generation can transform your life and improve your relationships, finances, career, health, and happiness. 79% of CEOs believe humor is an important trait for employees to have. 69% of Internet daters believe humor is an important factor in mate selection. People with a good sense of humor tend to live longer and healthier, have better relationships, and enjoy more career and financial success.

Let’s get to it. Here are some laughter psychological techniques to improve your life:

*Study the Funny:  You can develop yourself into a funny and humorous person. Study your favorite sitcoms, comedy movies, and stand-up comics. Ask yourself: Why do you laugh? Do you like slapstick, wordplay, sarcasm, general silliness? Incorporate your preferred humor style into your daily interactions with people.

*Find a Humor Buddy: Find someone who resonates with your sense of humor, and play off each other. Tell each other jokes and stories. Form or join a humor group, where you get together with like-minded people to share funny jokes and stories and brainstorm humorous situations for fun and profit.

*Laugh Just for the Fun of It:  Research shows that laughter (even if you don’t find something funny) releases pleasure brain chemicals that make you feel good. Laugh in the company of an appreciative friend, child, or animal.  Laughter is contagious. Enjoy it.

*Get Your Fools Out:  Some of us are shy or self-conscious—fearing that we’ll look like a fool in public. Try the paradoxical technique of acting foolish and silly in private. Get in front of a mirror and “act the fool”” Go ahead and laugh, jump up and down, and make funny and silly faces by yourself. When you do this in private, you will find yourself being more confident, outrageous, and funny in public.

*Keep a Funny File:  On your smartphone, iPad, or notepad, write down humorous observations, stories, and jokes. The funniest things usually come from your personal experiences—often painful and difficult—that you can laugh about as time passes.

Here’s some humor: Why did the chicken cross the road?  To get away from bad jokes like this (it was funny when I wrote it).

The message is simple:  Laugh, and the whole world laughs with you.  With practice of your funny bone, soon you’ll be laughing your way to success, healing, hope and happiness.