Are you a connector—someone who knows how to connect with people and get real results?  In today’s fast-paced, technology-based society, being a Connector is more important than ever. With technology accelerating the pace of life, it’s important to become a Connector and bring people together to accomplish common goals and missions. You can obtain wonderful results in life if you become a Connector. Here are the 7 traits you need to develop the people skills you need to thrive in today’s world:

*Be Open And Authentic:  People like those who are true to themselves and open about what they want. If you lack self-confidence, catch yourself in confident moments (write them down).  Visualize your success in dealing with people in a positive and rewarding way.

*Have a Clear Vision: Be clear about your goal and be willing to ask for what you want. When you ask, make it easy for the other person to say “Yes.” You might start with a “Convenient Ask” (I can come to your office). Or start with a “Big Ask” and then lower it to something the other person is comfortable giving you.

*Believe in Abundance: Visualize that there is an abundance of resources in the world: time, money, friendships, opportunities, and you will have more motivation and persistence to succeed.

*Trust:  Trust yourself and others. Yes, there are some who may try to take advantage of your good faith, but in the long run, your trust will be rewarded by people who reciprocate your good intentions (you will also learn how to weed out the bad apples).

*Curiosity: Have a desire to get to know people and find out about them—ask them about their hobbies, passions, goals, and dreams. You will find it easy to start a conversation when you focus on what people are interested in.

*Follow-through:  Do what you say, and say what you’re going to do.  Also keep commitments you make to yourself—whether it relates to health (diet, exercise), starting a new venture, or quitting a bad habit.  Learn to be meticulous with your word, and keep to what you say to others and yourself.

*Be Generous: Generosity is one of the great gifts of the Connector. Be the person who connects people to each other (whether in business, friendship, or love). The more people you help with advice, connections, and friendship, the more likely you are to receive the same consideration back to you.

As you develop these traits of a Connector, you will find that more people will want to help you. You will start to create a dream team of people who can be your “emotional cheerleaders,” advisors, mentors, and colleagues. You will open yourself up to a world of fun, opportunity, and friendship when you become a true Connector.