Find Your Irresistible Soul Mate: 4 Ways To Meet The Love Of Your Life

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In times of loneliness, turmoil, and troubles, it’s comforting to have a compatible love partner by your side. It’s important to be with a soul mate who truly understands and appreciates you the way you truly are.  If you don’t have that ideal person in your life right now, then you need to learn some of the secrets of finding and keeping a compatible soul mate.  On Love University Podcast, Dr. Avila discussed his groundbreaking GuyTypes method of finding love. Here’s what we learned:

*Identify Your Own Love Personality Style (GuyType).  In the GuyTypes approach, there are four unique personality types:  Meaning Seeker, Excitement Seeker, Knowledge Seeker, and Security Seeker.  The first step in finding love is to know your own personality style. If you’re the Meaning Seeker, for example, you want to find the meaning in life, and you love psychology, philosophy, spirituality, and the arts.  Or, if you’re an Excitement Seeker, you seek the spontaneity, fun, and adventure of life. Once you know your own GuyType, you will have a better understanding of the type of person who is most compatible with you.

*Love Your Style:  Once you recognize who you are, the next step is to embrace and appreciate your unique nature. Maybe in the past, you listened to other people who told you not to be who you were (“You’re too much of a dreamer,” “You’re too insensitive”).  The key is to truly accept who you are. When you do that, you will attract the person who naturally resonates with your style.  To build your self-acceptance, repeat these mantras (statements of purpose) to yourself based on your unique GuyType style:

Meaning Seeker:  I have the feeling of the poet and the depth of the holy person. My mission is to bring love, empathy, and compassion to heal the world

Knowledge Seeker:  I am knowledge and wisdom. I imagine, I innovate, and I dominate.  I am the reason we live in this amazing age of advancement and technology.

Excitement Seeker:  I am excitement, fun, and spontaneity. I can cram more fun into one day than most people can in a lifetime. I am the pleasure and joy that shines on all.

Security Seeker:  I am the loyal and dependable person who keeps civilization from crumbling to the ground. I am the glue of the world; the perfect parent, caretaker, and protector.

*Find a Compatible GuyType.  You don’t have to be exactly the same as your love counterpart, but it’s important for you to be compatible with them at the deepest core of your values and beliefs. Usually people from the same GuyTypes group will get along better with each other in a long-term relationship; for example, Knowledge Seekers with Knowledge Seekers, Security Seekers with Security Seekers, and so on.  When you share a lot of the same perspectives and views with your partner, you are likely to get along better in a more harmonious and loving relationship.  A good way to meet a compatible GuyType is to get involved in online and offline groups that cater to their interests (e.g. Meaning Seeker joins a self-help group to meet like-minded Meaning Seekers).

If you haven’t found your soul mate yet, now is the time to discover them.  All you have to do is identify your personal GuyType (romantic style), love your unique nature, and get involved in groups and activities where you are more likely to meet your GuyType romantic candidates. Get ready now.  Your soul mate awaits.