Find The Love Of Your Life With The Revolutionary ”GuyTypes” Approach

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Ladies: Do you ever ask yourself, “Are all the Good Guys taken?”  Gentlemen, are you having a hard time finding your soul mate? In today’s dating app society, the options can be overwhelming, and it may seem like a full-time job to find a compatible dating partner. Now there’s a solution to the soul-mate finding dilemma that will help you screen out the incompatibles and find the love of your life. On our recent Love University podcast, Dr. Avila outlined the steps for finding true, lasting love based on his groundbreaking book, GuyTypes.

Step One: Love the Real You. The first step in finding a compatible partner is to determine your own GuyType, your unique romantic personality style. Are you the Meaning Seeker, Knowledge Thinker, Security Seeker, or Excitement Seeker? Once you know your type, you can pinpoint the best GuyType match for you.

Step Two. Identify your most compatible GuyType. Usually, you want someone who is a similar GuyType as you. If you’re a Meaning Seeker, you want to find a fellow Meaning Seeker who also loves psychology, philosophy, spirituality, and finding the meaning in life. If you’re a Knowledge Seeker, then you want to find an equally matched partner who enjoys technology, science, and esoteric knowledge, and who values power, competence, and wisdom. When you’re with a similar GuyType, you will have more harmony, less conflict, and a deeper appreciation of each other.

Step Three.  Do Personality Networking to find your ideal GuyType. Once you know your best GuyType match, you can get involved in offline and online groups that cater to that particular GuyType.  For example, if your ideal match is an Excitement Seeker, you can join groups related to extreme sports, traveling to exotic locations, entertainment, and fun adventures. Excitement Seekers are spontaneous, go with the flow, fun adventure seekers. When you get involved in activities and groups that incorporate these elements, you’re more likely to find the GuyType you’re looking for.

Step Four: Appeal to your ideal GuyType’s values and preferences. Each of the four GuyTypes has a unique set of preferences, values, and way of seeing the world. They are attracted to certain things, places, and people. If, for example, your ideal GuyType is a Security Seeker, you can win their heart by talking about, and doing, traditional and family-orientated things.  Talk about your family and their family (also spend time with each other’s family). Spend time with their dogs and kids (or your dogs and kids). Talk about saving, investing, and building a secure future together. You won’t scare a Security Seeker away if you discuss marriage, family, and children. On the contrary, these are the things that attract them because security, tradition, and family is what they value most.

You’re ready now to begin your journey to your soul mate—your ideal GuyType. Whether you are the guy, or you’re the woman looking for the guy, you will be able to pinpoint the ideal match for you based on Dr. Avila’s GuyType system. Stay tuned for upcoming podcasts as Dr. Avila reveals  key elements of the GuyType system, including the 4 magic questions you need ask to instantly identify your GuyType, where to meet your ideal GuyType, how to win their heart, and how to create a long-lasting, loving relationship that stands the test of time. Get ready, your ideal GuyType is waiting for you.