Everyday celebrity: How to be a star in your own life

Would you like to be a celebrity in your own life, with star power and confidence to influence others, present your best image, and achieve your ideal career and relationships?  To be an everyday celebrity means that you will harness your inner talents and charisma to express your best self and connect with others in a significant and impactful way.

Start by following these tips from my friend and special guest on Love University, Jess Ponce, Hollywood Branding Coach extraordinaire:

*Be Clear:   When you show up somewhere—whether it’s a business meeting, social interaction, or presentation, make sure you know why you are there and what your goals are.  Do you want to make a sale, get a date, or effectively communicate your points in a speech or talk? Whatever your goal is, make sure you express your best and most authentic self while achieving it.

*Be Confident:  To be confident you need two things:  1. Belief in your subject matter (be an expert) and 2. Understand the value to your audience (the person or people you are talking to). If you’re making a sales presentation, understand the benefits that you are providing your customer and why you are the best person to deliver them.

*Be Charismatic/Develop Your CQ (Celebrity Quotient):  All of us, even shy or Introverted people, have charm or charisma—sometimes hidden deep down.  Your CQ, or Celebrity Quotient, is made up of the 3 things that shine the most from your essence—your three most unique and attractive qualities.

 Ask yourself:  How did I feel in my perfect scenario when I captured the attention of an attractive person, made a breakthrough in my job or career, or expressed an ability (performing, creating, teaching, helping)? What talents or attributes did I exude?  Perhaps, when you got a date with the person you really liked, you were smart, helpful, and honest.  Or, when you made a great presentation, you were open, funny, and touching.   Write down your three traits that make up your CQ.

Whatever your three strongest psychological or personality qualities are, strive to develop and use them as much as possible. If you’re entertaining and funny, get involved in entertainment or pop culture activities. If you’re an empathetic and sensitive person, strive to help others in nonprofit, religious, or charitable ventures—help strangers and people you come across on a daily basis.

Every day, strive to apply your CQ talents to break the ice, make new connections, communicate ideas and options, and help others feel better.  The more you use your talents, the higher your CQ will be, and the more positive people and situations you will attract into your life.

Yes, you can be a celebrity in your everyday life—a person of value and importance who can make good things happen in your relationships, career, social life, and personal happiness and self-esteem. Decide today that you will shine your inner essence outwardly to others—connecting with them and bringing as much love, peace, and goodwill as you possibly can, every day that you are here on this marvelous earth.