Our Mission:

Spreading Loving Energy Without Expectation

When you went to school, you probably learned science, history, and other subjects—some of which you will rarely use in your adult life. But, chances are, you didn’t learn about some of the most important subjects in life: Love, relationships, happiness, and inner and outer success.
Now, there is a solution to this higher wisdom education gap. We call it Love University.
Love University is a fast-growing multiplatform community of empowerment and growth. Now a weekly podcast on iTunes and Podbean, Love University teaches people worldwide how to love themselves, others, and a higher power. Love University is the brainchild of best-selling author (LoveTypes and GuyTypes) and clinical psychologist, Dr. Alex Avila. At Love University, Dr. Avila’s mission is to provide the antidote to the negativity, pain, defeat, and loneliness that many people face in today’s world.
As a respected college professor and author of four books on love and transformation, Dr. Avila has pioneered a new form of intelligence, which he calls “Love Q,” or “Love Intelligence.” Love intelligence consists of traits such as compassion, empathy, patience, kindness, generosity, and unconditional love. As students and listeners participate in Love University podcasts, classes, shows, and events, they will learn how to develop their Love Q, so they can elevate their lives, achieve their dreams, and spread loving energy without expectations.​
Each week, “Love University” provides podcast listeners with valuable insight, stories, advice, and inspiration to achieve love and excellence in their personal and professional lives. Applying Dr. Avila’s 25 years of psychological training, research, and teaching, Love University makes love and self-esteem easy to understand and practical to apply in your daily life. Mix in transformational guests who have turned “pain into power,” and the result is a growing community of “Love Students” worldwide—a network of loving people that cuts across demographics, backgrounds, and nationalities. The Love University message is simple, but powerful: “Love is an energy that permeates everything” and “Give love without expectations and you will accomplish miracles in your life.”

Here are some popular topics/classes you can take at Love University:

  • The Loneliness Cure: How to Eradicate Loneliness by 2020
  • Love IQ: The New Intelligence That Will Change Your Life
  • Love Among Different Ages (younger-older)
  • Got Love? How to Get it, How to Give It
  • For the Love of Money: Find Your Passion and Build True Wealth
  • The Treasures of Happiness
  • Sex Addiction: How to Transform Sexual Energy into Achievement
  • Are you Dating a Lunatic?
  • Friendships That Last Lifetime
  • From Pregnant Teen Survivor to Queen of Real Estate: The Amazing story of Jessica Flores
  • Overcoming Obesity: From Fat Kid to Fabulous Transformational Rapper: The Moving Story of Matt Andruz
  • How to Live Forever

It’s your turn to enroll in Love University and share the love. Tuition is free, everyone is accepted, and your mind is all you need to start. Join us every Wednesday noon for the Love University Podcast (iTunes and Podbean). Also, we invite you to our upcoming events, mixers, and lectures where you will meet fun and rewarding like-minded people and learn valuable lessons to improve your life. Soon, you will graduate into a new state of prosperity, happiness, and, above all, Love.