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Psychological Immortality: How to Live Forever and Leave an Emotional Legacy

Listen to our “Psychological Immortality” podcast (aired on 10/10/18): Podbean iTunes Youtube Would you like to live forever? Or, at least until you are very old, if you are youthful.. Read more

The Superpower of Attention

The Superpower of Attention: How to Be Productive in an Attention-Deficit World

In a world full of noise and distractions, focusing on one thing—having undivided attention—can seem like a true superpower. Attention is defined as focusing on certain important things, while ignoring.. Read more

The Greatness of Marriage

The Greatness of Marriage: Create A Love That Lasts A Lifetime

Can marriage be great? Yes, it can.  A great marriage is one filled with love, happiness, growth, and success. Research shows that having a successful marriage can increase your happiness.. Read more

Why is it That Some Men Don’t Want to Commit?

Q: I have two friends who are both in relationships with men they’ve been seeing for at least two years. Neither man wants to discuss marriage even though they say.. Read more

Love Secrets From King Solomon

It is said that King Solomon of ancient Israel had 700 wives and 300 concubines. In other words, he probably had a lot of in-law problems, to be sure. But,.. Read more

Broken Engagement! What About the Ring?

When a man breaks his engagement to a woman, what is the correct procedure for the handling of the ring? Does the woman get to keep it or is she.. Read more

Emotional Genius: How to Get Straight A’s In Your Love Life

Would you like to be a “genius” in your love life and personal relationships? Being an “emotional genius” means that you are highly skilled at managing your own moods and.. Read more

Love Independence Day! Declare Emotional Freedom For Yourself

With July 4th approaching, it’s time that we celebrate a different kind of independence–freedom from unfulfilling, incompatible, and emotionally unhealthy relationships. You may be caught in an unhealthy or unproductive.. Read more

Four Magic Questions to Find Your Soul Mate!

Unfortunately, relationships can be difficult, and finding the right person can sometimes seem like an impossible dream. But, there is a solution to your love resolutions, especially if you’re single:.. Read more

How to Survive the Loss of a Romantic Love and Get Your Life Back

One of the most painful things in life is to experience the breakup of a deeply felt romantic love, whether a long-term relationship or marriage. Fortunately, there are some keys.. Read more